Stream: Aislinn Logan – Spree


London-based Belfast singer-songwriter Aislinn Logan has released a new single, ‘Spree’.

Marking a tonal and compositional shift from previous singles, it’s a strong, markedly well-produced effort from the artist. Logan said of the track, “The music I’m making just now is certainly a shift from what came before, but for me I feel like I’m getting closer to the thing I wanted to make when I started. It’s definitely becoming more aligned with the music I listen to – it’s a bit more committal. I don’t really listen to that much folk music now; I used to – big time, but I haven’t done in a while. I still have a real soft spot for harmony blend and discordance with tug and pull, that’s something I won’t be leaving behind. I’m feeling more confident about making a bit more noise.”

“Spree” centres on that space which maybe always exists in all relationships,” she continues. “That question of do you ever completely give yourself to someone? Is there something which you hold back? Do you reach out in the night and wonder why there’s a gap in the bed? No matter how close you get to someone, you will never know absolutely everything there is to know about them. You’ll never know what’s happening in their head, what they’re actually thinking. Maybe there is a nihilism to that – but it’s also important, there’s a secret there, a self-sufficiency you’ll always hold onto. A thing no-one will ever really know.”

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