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Long Beyond Sundown @ The Menagerie


Take a look around you. It’s officially the time of the season, is it not? The evenings are growing darker, doomy vibrations linger unseen in the air and you’ve suddenly got an inexplicable desire to frequent your local graveyard after-hours. We hear you. We do. As does Ben Harris, main man with Belfast garage maestos The Dreads and all-round apostle and advocate of the aforementioned.

Throughout the month of October, Harris will present Long Beyond Sundown, a collection of films exploring folklore, witchcraft and the occult at Belfast venue the Menagerie. And what a fine, handpicked selection it is, too.

Delving into the likes of colonialism, witch trials, demonology, satanism, pagan ritual and other such wondrously infernal things, the series will kick off on Thursday, October 3rd with Robert Eggers’ incredible The VVitch: A New England Folktale. It concludes on Wednesday, October 30th with Piers Haggard’s 1971 classic Blood on the Satans Claw.

Check out the full schedule below and, for the love of our one Lord and saviour Mephistopheles, get down and support this masterfully-curated series.


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