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Published on March 2nd, 2020 | by Loreana Rushe


Sunstroke 2020 Launch @ Bloody Mary’s, Dublin


The official launch of Sunstroke 2020 at Bloody Mary’s in Dublin, featuring Fangclub, Dead Label, Grey Face and Paranoid Visions. Photos by Leah Carroll




  • Dead Label by Leah Carroll_2
  • Dead Label by Leah Carroll_3
  • Dead Label by Leah Carroll_4
  • Dead Label by Leah Carroll_5
  • Dead Label by Leah Carroll_6
  • Dead Label by Leah Carroll_7
  • Dead Label by Leah Carroll_8
  • Dead Label by Leah Carroll_9
  • Dead Label Leah Carroll_1
  • Fangclub by Leah Carroll_1
  • Fangclub by Leah Carroll_2
  • Fangclub by Leah Carroll_3
  • Fangclub by Leah Carroll_4
  • Fangclub by Leah Carroll_5
  • Fangclub by Leah Carroll_6
  • Fangclub by Leah Carroll_7
  • Fangclub by Leah Carroll_8
  • Fangclub by Leah Carroll_9
  • Fangclub by Leah Carroll_10
  • Fangclub by Leah Carroll_11
  • Greyface  by Leah Carroll
  • Greyface  by Leah Carroll_6
  • Greyface  by Leah Carroll_7
  • Greyface  by Leah Carroll_8
  • Greyface  by Leah Carroll_9
  • Greyface  by Leah Carroll_11
  • Greyface by Leah Carroll
  • Greyface by Leah Carroll_1
  • Greyface by Leah Carroll_2
  • Greyface by Leah Carroll_5
  • Greyface by Leah Carroll_10
  • Greyfaceby Leah Carroll_3
  • Greyfaceby Leah Carroll_4
  • Paranoid Visions Leah Carroll_1
  • Paranoid Visions Leah Carroll_2
  • Paranoid Visions Leah Carroll_3
  • Paranoid Visions Leah Carroll_4
  • Paranoid Visions Leah Carroll_5
  • Paranoid Visions Leah Carroll_6
  • Paranoid Visions Leah Carroll_7
  • Paranoid Visions Leah Carroll_8

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