Stream: Nevvv – Passionate/Stupid


A soon-to-be graduate of BIMM in Dublin, Navan musician Niamh McGoldrick aka Nevvv is on a self-proclaimed mission to “deliver WonkyPop to this little break little world of ours.” The intention isn’t to “brighten, eradicate or hide from the darkness,” McGoldrick says, but to “throw a party in it.” A valiant undertaking and no mistake, and she’s already on our her way. Having already collaborated with the likes of Tribal Dance Kynsy and I Am The Main Character (a new project by Sam Burton and Ben Bix of Sim Simma) Nevvv’s lead single, ‘Passionate/Stupid’ is a deftly produced and wonderfully off-kilter alt-pop gem. Produced by Daniel McIntyre aka Lullahush, it’s a so-called “ode to apathy” that burrows deep.

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