Dublin DIY Punk Space the Karate Klub Needs Our Help

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A vital hub within Dublin’s DIY music community, Dublin’s collectively-run punk practice space the Karate Klub is battling for survival.

Having existed for 13 years, the member-ran and funded creative space has provided an important HQ for punks and like-minded musicians and artists. Now, facing a 50% rent increase during the pandemic, a GoFundMe fundraiser has been created to raise 8,000 to ensure its doors stay open.

“Creative community space is important, now more than ever, as we face a future of ongoing uncertainty and austerity,” organisers said. “Like many spaces during the COVID-19 Coronavirus pandemic, our space has struggled to bring money into the space through our usual gigs, band practices and other fundraisers.”

“Recently our landlord has asked for 50% increase in our rent, with only 2 weeks left until our lease expires. While we negotiate for a longer lease to keep the space going, we ask our community both locally and internationally for help during this time. Keep DIY & punk alive.”

Go here to donate to the fundraiser.

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