Watch: Tuath & Lunch Machine – Mountains and Grooves

Screenshot 2020-12-21 at 13.22.07

If, when civilization returns to some vague semblance of normality, you ever find yourself in the supreme liminal realm that is Letterkenny, you could do much worse than seeking out two of the town’s finest bands, Tuath and Lunch Machine. Led by Rob Mulhern and Jude Barriscale respectively, they embody what makes their particular neck of the woods a bit of a scene unto itself.

Today, we’re pleased to share the visuals for Tuath and Lunch Machine’s new collaboration, ‘Mountains and Grooves’. Spaced-out and sorcerous in all the right places, it’s a shapeshifting gem that – among other things – gives due consideration to the lesser-heard bass solo.

Speaking about the track, Mulhern said, “We started writing this track three years ago and we’re so delighted it’s ready for us to share with you. It’s technically the first song we ever wrote together as a band and Jude also joined us to help write the lyrics and do some vocals. We played with the idea of exploration and nature and love and intimacy and silly innuendos and it turned into this track which we are so proud of. Kinda psychy, kinda poppy, kinda cute, kinda tough.”

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