Stream: This Ship Argo – Hum


In recent years – and particularly in the last, thanks to Bandcamp – we’ve seen the rise of a wide net of self-produced superlative electronic artists. In the Northern Irish cul de sac, you have the increasingly world-beating Arvo Party, synthwave retromancer Alpha Chrome Yayo, and more recently, Aileen McKenna, AKA This Ship Argo has been cropping up on the radar with her singular brand of experimental electronic pop.

At turns earworming, introspective and profoundly moving, TSA strikes a rare midpoint between densely-layered chamber pop, and ruminative minimalism. Her new single ‘Hum’ is out today, accompanied by alternate mixes from Arvo Party & A Cappella, following up on the off-kilter synth worship of ‘Why Are You Like This?‘, with her second album, Always the Bees: Never the Honey out next Friday.

Mining bittersweet resolve out of a confrontation with one’s internal monologue, ‘Hum’ feels essential in a time when we’re all looking at it squarely in the eye. She told us more about what sparked inspiration for the song:

“It came from a time when you unexpectedly hear someone’s voice – one you never wanted to hear again – that flicked a switch in your brain and unlocked and unleashed some bad times you’d wanted to forget. An immediate snap into it. That, and how not all hums are good, and more often than not the constant presence of that sort of a sound is more detrimental than it is enjoyable. So whilst the song might sound nice, the underlying tone isn’t.”

All proceeds from ‘Hum’ will go towards foodbank charity The Trussell Trust. Stream it here:

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