Fears Announces Debut Album and Releases New Single ‘vines’

vines artwork

At long last, one of TTA’s consistent favourite acts of the last few years, experimental pop artist Fears has announced the release of her debut album, Oíche, on Friday, 7th May through TULLE.

Accompanying the announcement is the second single taken from it, ‘vines’. Its accompanying video was directed by Fears and shot by Colman Keane, it’s a broadening panorama that perfectly compliments the transformative single. Seamlessly weaving the ancient with the new, and the rural with the familiar, she emerges from the sea, ultimately reaching the 2500 BC Megalithic portal tomb, Ballybrack Dolmen at sunrise.

“This place holds particular significance to me” Fears says. “It’s somewhere to offload weight, as my family and I go to this dolmen each Winter Solstice, write down something we want to let go of from the previous year, and burn it. As the sun rises, the longest night of the year ends, and you look forward to longer days and a fresh perspective. The rock I am carrying is granite, the main type of rock occurring in the Dublin and Wicklow Mountains, representing grief held in the land and physical space.”

Of the track, Fears says: “This track was written before a breakdown. It chronicles a stage where one blames themselves and sees that it is only them that is the problem in a situation. Listening back, I hear myself drowning in confusion as to why I can’t control my feelings and want to shed those thought patterns.”

Watch the video below:


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