Premiere: Loner Deluxe – Tin Foil Hat

One of the busiest creators in the scene, Keith Wallace splits his time making music as Loner Deluxe and running West Coast micro-independent label Rusted Rail.

Taking in both realms, March 5th saw the release of Field Recordings, a wonderfully genre-spanning, 14-track release – Loner Deluxe’s third full-length to date – that reveals Wallace’s knack for lo-fi songwriting that curveballs at every turn.

Today we’re pleased to present a first look at the video for LP highlight ‘Tin Foil Hat’. In Wallace’s own words, The music video for the UFO-paranoia themed-song is a joint-production between Rusted Rail and longtime videographic allies and purveyors of pop-promos, tinyEPICs.