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Monday Mixtape: Beauty Sleep

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Off the back of their stellar new single ‘Go’, Ryan and Cheylene from Belfast indie-pop duo Beauty Sleep wax lyrical about some of their favourite tracks, from Caribou and Villagers, to HAIM and Yard Act.

Caribou – You Can Do It

Just a great tune, simple concept, executed well and a great morning motivator track! Also, a lot of excellent dogs in the video so what’s not to love? – Cheylene

Rostam – From The Back Of a Cab

I got heavily into Rostam this year, and this track and associated album (Changephobia) has been very close to me . It’s a dreamy tune with a nostalgic emotional tinge and a killer drum groove that I wish I had put together. Highly recommend. – Cheylene

Michael Kiwanuka – You Ain’t The Problem

Perfect lyrics, inspiring sound, just a great fucking song! The drum and vocal production has been really inspiring and is just a world that I never want to leave when I hear it. – Cheylene

HAIM – Gasoline

I would be so remiss if I didn’t put HAIM in here because I have been OBSESSED with their wimpiii album, I think it is a near perfect album and it helped me through lockdown in 2020 so much. This song is my favourite one though. It is so… hot! Both musically and lyrically. It holds back but is so satisfying. in LOVE. – Cheylene

Braids – Young Buck

A band I’ve loved for years, their last album Shadow Offering is such a triumph, it really shook me up and made me want to make music all the time again in 2020. Even if a lot of that was endless synth arp-ing initially! – Ryan

St Vincent – The Melting of The Sun

St. Vincent is such an enormous influence for me and this track off Daddy’s Home may be my favourite yet. Stunning, powerful lyrics that celebrate female artists with awe inspiring songwriting and production. Incredible video and big stinky guitar solos. WOW! – Ryan

Yard Act – Fixer Upper

A recent find, an odd mix of The Fall, Alan Partridge and Brexit that I don’t know I needed. – Ryan

Villagers – Circles in The Firing Line

I could single out so many important Villagers tracks for us but this is the last song I’ve heard today surrounded by smiling faces in the Empire Music Hall. A telecaster waited on stage for it’s star turn and the loud, glorious refrain lit up the room miraculously at the first show I’ve seen since March 2020. – Ryan

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