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Monday Mixtape: passersby

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Off the back of his stellar 7-track tape alwayyys Dublin dream-pop artist – and Angular Hank member – Diarmuid O’Connor aka passersby takes us on a tour of some of his all-time favourite songs, featuring Blood Orange, Adrianne Lenker, Neil Young, Charli XCX & more

Charli XCX – Forever

A most amazing pop song. It sounds like the world is ending. The sentiment of “things might not work out but you have my love and support for the rest of your life either way” is so beautiful.

Adrianne Lenker – not a lot just forever

This whole record is just so perfect start to finish. Hard to believe that by 2020 there were still this many classics left unwritten in singer-songwriter music. The guitar playing is completely exquisite and the lyrics keep on giving. Wonderful stuff.

Henry Earnest – Free

This is the first single off Henry Earnest’s upcoming album which I am extremely excited for. It’s so inspiring to see someone aiming this high with bedroom music and nailing it. R.I.P. recording studios?

파란노을(Parannoul) – 아름다운 세상(Beautiful World)

The cover of this album caught my eye on Bandcamp a couple months ago so I hit play on this track and I’ve not looked back since. I had kinda moved away from heavier music, but this manages to toe the line between banging and dreamy sooo nicely and it’s been a huge inspiration. The blurb on Bandcamp is amazing too.

Neil Young – Bad Fog Of Loneliness

Neil Young has been a constant presence in my life and he features in some of my earliest memories of music (shout out mam and dad!!!) I recently discovered this track on a live album and lost my mind that I’ve gone my whole life without hearing it. How is this not on After the Gold Rush or something??? The fact that the song (after the talking ends) lasts only 2 minutes and has 1(!) chorus betrays such a 2020 sensibility – it’s so addictive.

Blood Orange – Dark & Handsome

Angel’s Pulse is apparently a b-sides record but it’s my favourite thing Blood Orange has done. I love how everything is under 2 minutes thirty. The vocal performance on this track is just the realest. I also love how Toro y Moi’s feature is like 8 seconds long.

A.G. Cook – Being Harsh

What can’t A.G. do? It’s one thing to genre hop, but to like fully hit the nail on the head of every one? Madness.