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Inbound: Pixie Cut Rhythm Orchestra (7)

Pixie Cut Rhythm Orchestra look poised for a strong 2022. Off the back of the cutting ‘I didn’t love you when I said I did,’ the Dublin trio recently released ‘Empty Envelope,’ a contemplative dream-pop lamentation that earned comparisons to Pillow Queens and the Cranberries.

The single was inspired by a dream that frontwoman Sarah Deegan had in which she received an envelope in the post. “It was from my ex,” she explains. “I opened it and it was empty. It felt like a good metaphor for the relationship – a nice outward appearance but inside there’s really nothing there.”

Hollie Gilson’s video for the track sees Deegan struggle to write a response before setting all attempts ablaze. Simultaneously, the band released an “unsent letter kit” –  a letter writing kit with a lighter to burn the letter. “I thought it would be fun to have interactive merch,” says Deegan. “Rather than just selling lighters and pens, we’re also giving you a somewhat therapeutic experience, should you choose to partake.”

Since their 2019 debut, ‘Scarlett Letter,’ PCRO’s output has gone from strength to strength, owing to Sarah’s woozy guitar work and arrestingly poetic lyricism, backed by a rock solid rhythm section. As well as playing Dublin’s Annesley House on 19th March, the band are working on finishing their debut album.

“The first half of the record is rockier,” reveals Deegan. “The second half is more moody, and sees some waltzy songs we’ve had for a while finally fully arranged and fully-realised. We’re hoping to get it out this year.”

We hope so, too. Danny Kilmartin

Photo by Gemma Bovenizer

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