Album Premiere: Arthur Itis – Neglected Ambient Shirts Vol. II


Six years on from Neglected Ambient Shirts Volume 1, and an incalculable amount of transmogrifications later, Arthur Itis is back with the sequel, and sure enough, it’s another belter. Following the glitchy experimental pop of Occam’s Razor and intimate analog hiss of acoustic collection Longhand, it’s his third LP in about 8 months. Recording took place across the last five years, and ahead of its release tomorrow, we’re delighted to reveal it in its entirety today.

Another curveball in a career full of them, its downtempo experimentations reveal the one constant across Arty’s not-insignificant body of work: a resolute willingness to document and push his own creative and personal explorations. He had a few words to say on the project:

“There are a lot of pieces dedicated to people or things that aren’t round anymore and I guess it’s about accepting that the toothpaste doesn’t go back in the tube. I wouldn’t be the most spiritual of people, this way of thinking and musical process is probably as close as I get. Most of the pieces are solo improvisations that I would expand upon with more layering of improvisations, noises and general floaty brain bits.”

It feels more like being a shit scientist than a musician when making this kind of music. Doing experiments. A Mentos going into a massive bottle of off-brand Cola. I want to help the music be what it wants to be. I’ve had this one brewing for absolutely ages so it is a relief to put this out there for other people to enjoy.”

Stream Neglected Ambient Shirts Vol. II:

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