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Irish Tracks of the Week – 10th March


It’s been another stacked seven days on the new Irish music front. Here’s the best tracks of the week, from Lunch Machine, Problem Patterns, Brigid Mae Power, girlfriend., The Mary Wallopers and more

Lunch Machine – Pipedream Graveyard

Problem Patterns – Who Do We Not Save?

Chubby Cat – Big Dog Barking

Brigid Mae Power – Dream From The Deep Well

girlfriend. – Trust

The Mary Wallopers – Building Up and Tearing England Down

New Jackson – Sanyo Shinkansen

Kneecap – It’s Been Ages

Michael Mormecha – Russian or American Big Muff

Súil Amháin – Murder Machine (prod. Tuath)

Iona Zajac – Lips Feel

Aoibha – Take Me Home

Æ Mak – Shimmer Boy

Ailsha – Red Flags

Reevah – Without You

The Fae – Chloe

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