Video Premiere: Krisdeberg – HHH


After a long period locked away in the recording studio, Dublin-based electronic quartet Krisdeberg (not to be confused with the Irish prince of power ballads, Chris de Burgh) return with their new single HHH ahead of releasing their self-recorded and self-produced work that draws from a well of diverse influences such as new wave, noise rock, acid house and indie electro.

We’re delighted to bring you an exclusive first look at HHH, which visualises the communication breakdown between people through a Beckett-esque theatre setting of humour, isolation and horror.  The video features members of the band and an omnious bottle of wine, while uniquely exploring how disparate two perceptions of the same experience can be.

Danny Greene-Quish (who also directed the video) had this to say about the concept: “The song was written by our singer Aaron and describes a night out between two friends, both having totally different experiences to one another – one having a panic attack so paralysing that they can’t convey it to the other, while the other was so swept up in the mania of an intoxicated night on the tiles that they failed to notice much of anything beyond their own joyful experience. I really wanted to tap into that isolation, confusion and anxiety and boil it down to its most elemental parts. We were able to get access to a studio for a very short time, so I came up with a super-minimal theatre-inspired stage set. Thematically, I took cues from Beckett, David Lynch and Phillip K. Dick and tried to paint isolating and surreal scenes with a thick, red streak of abject silliness – perception is skewed, time sped up or slowed down, roles are reversed and the very fabric of reality begins to falls apart. All that fun stuff!

Krisdeberg are known for their maximalist live shows and are looking forward to airing their new material at upcoming festival slots at All Together Now and Electric Picnic this Summer.

is the co-editor / photo editor. She also contributes photos and illustrations to The Thin Air print magazine.