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Inbound: Search Results

The most interesting sounds tend to come from those unencumbered with risk aversion. Take Devo, whose five gestative years before releasing a debut album bought them creative armour, allowing them to hone their worldview and arrive fully-formed. Search Results started writing in Dublin within a week of meeting in 2020, having moved from Waterford, Sligo, and Tipperary just prior to Covid. Drummer Jack Condon explains: “We assigned ourselves different instruments to the ones we would have been most comfortable on. Myself and Adam had more training in guitar, and Fionn in bass, so that took away any safety nets and allowed us to have more fun.”

Following two great EPs in as many years, the September release of their fifteen-track debut LP, Information Blip has marked Search Results as one of Ireland’s brightest hopes, their buoyant, shapeshifting tunes as earworming as they are exploratory. “During Covid and the time we spent living in a house together, there was a sort of unspoken one-upmanship going on between us in the songs we’d write,” says Jacks. “That was a really healthy dynamic for three people who were very new to writing music and lyrics. It helped us to have constant material being generated by at least one person at a time.” 

To call them Ireland’s answer to the Minutemen is reductive, but it goes some way in explaining the conversational, spontaneous thing that happens between these three musicians and their audience when playing live. “We try to play new songs live as soon as they’ve been rehearsed once or twice, so the songs tend to be shaped by what works live, or just by trying to get a laugh out of each other and throw each other off,” they tell us. Each member tilts on their own axis, yet share in a singular language that embodies the indie rock ideal at its very best. Stevie Lennox

Photo by Monika Ruman

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