Watch: PANIKATAX – Rejection

Dublin quartet PANIKTAX are back with their vital new single, ‘Rejection’.

It’s a masterfully trouncing effort from the band, who comprise Rob Walsh, Rian Trench, Trevor Keogh, and Robert ‘Scan’ Watson. In sub-four minutes, the band excavate new, groove-heavy territory from the more searing and supremely fucked-off energy captured on 2020’s ‘White Water Rafting’

Largely developed during the lockdown of 2020-2021 when live music had subsided, it’s taken from the band’s highly-anticipated EP, A Sudden and Unpleasant Change, which they said “can be experienced as a compulsive response to an almost Jungian introversion.”

Unmistakably at the peak of his powers on the new single, vocalist Rob Walsh said: “Rejection delves into the implosion of a fantasy, the ensuing despair, and the quest for approval in the darkest of places.”

It’s a potent effort that warrants a suitable visual accompaniment, which musician, photographer and director more than accomplishes.  “I processed the footage through circuit bent vintage analog vision mixers and rescanned it on a crt screen,” he said. “I then combined that material with multi-layered analog feedback loops.”

Ahead of the release of A Sudden and Unpleasant Change on 16th May – and three further singles before then – check out the video for ‘Rejection’ below.

Photo by Ben Kavanagh