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Irish Tracks of the Week – 23rd February

Take it from us, it’s a bumper week for world-beating Irish music. Get lost in the very best of it, from Blue Whale’s perfectly-titled ‘I Wanna Be Your Da,’ to HAVVK, MELTS, PANIKATAX, Chubby Cat, Conn Thornton, Anamore Drive, KAJA and beyond

Blue Whale – I Wanna Be Your Da

HAVVK – Take It From Me

MELTS – Altered

Fishwyfe – Ricky

Peer Pleasure – Rest In Bits

PANIKATAX – Hand In Hand


Chubby Cat – 100 Miles an Hour

Conn Thornton – Acrobat

Mathman – Show Me

Anamoe Drive – Procrastination

Ciara O’Neill – Woman

Ana Palindrome – SORRY A MILLION