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Monday Mixtape: Pissed Jeans

It’s early days but if Pennsylvanian hardcore heroes Pissed Jeans didn’t just return with one of the records of the year in Half Divorced, recorded sound – I’m afraid to report – is officially over. Released on Friday, it doubles as the band’s first album in seven years and delivers a dozen sludge-punk face rippers that rank right up there with their very best. Good luck finding fucked-off finesse more compelling than this in 2024.

Which is to say we seriously wouldn’t advise that you pass on the band’s show in Dublin next month. Taking over Whelan’s main room on 3rd April, we strongly suspect it’ll be a cranium-compromising set that’ll be raved about for many years to come.

Ahead of that, we’re pleased to have Pissed Jeans guitarist Brad Fry dig out some of his all-time favourite live performances, featuring The Birthday Party, Captain Beefheart, Bad Seed and more.

Buy tickets to Pissed Jeans in Dublin, hosted by Foggy Notions & U:MACK.

Photos by Ebru Yidiz.

The Birthday Party – Junkyard (Live in Gotterdammerung 1982)

This live version of ‘Junkyard’ by The Birthday Party is my go to for motivation. ‘Junkyard’ is my favorite song by them and this live version is even better. Played with a confidence that I will likely never have.

Inside Out – Rage Against The Machine

In my mid-teens while on vacation in Stone Harbor, NJ, I purchased a live Underdog and Inside Out video from the Ocean City boardwalk. Inside Out opened with ‘Burning Fight’ which would give anyone goosebumps when it kicks in. This set included the song Rage Against the Machine and I listen to this live version and daydream about what a proper recording would sound like (along with Darkness of Greed).

Captain Beefheart & The Magic Band – Live On Beat Club (1972)

Most days while recording Half Divorced, we’d be in the studio for 12 hours, then come home and spend another 2 hours watching Beat Club and Old Grey Whistle Test videos. Nearly all contain some level of entertainment, but this Beefheart video is a true standout. The live version of ‘Click Clack’ is a favorite.

The Astronauts – Firewater

The Astronauts had quite a few performances in movies in the 1960’s. Most of which are so so, but ‘Firewater’ is a total ripper.

Siege – Live ’84

Siege was very much ahead of their time. Can’t include a list of live videos without this one. Truly raging and intense and out of tune.

Booker White – Aberdeen Mississippi

Any live video of Bukka White is worth watching, but this one for Aberdeen Mississippi Blues is the one for me. I remember seeing this video in the early days of Pissed Jeans and it had a huge effect on the way I thought about how a guitar can be used.

Bad Seed – Rainfest Throwback 2010

Bad Seed did not have a huge output of material, but it all sounds outstanding on this live set from Rainfest 2010.

Agents of Satan – KZSU Takeover

There are a bunch of live sets on KZSU that are available. They’re all great and it was hard to choose one. No Le$$, Plutocracy, Spazz and more, but this Agents of Satan set is my favorite.

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