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Monday Mixtape: PANIKATAX

In the latest installment of Monday Mixtape, Rob Walsh and Rían Trench of Dublin noise-punk masters PANIKATAX fly the flag for Underground Resistance, Clarissa Connelly, Big Black, Nitzer Ebb, This Heat and more

Rob Walsh

Underground Resistance – Final Frontier

This track from Mad Mike and Co. at Underground Resistance is a seminal classic. It sparked my love for Detroit techno and continues to have an overwhelming effect on me to this day. The nostalgia level is off the charts on this one, reminding me of growing up in the Irish dance scene, the first place where I felt accepted.

Daughters – The Reason They Hate Me

I love this entire record; for me, it’s up there with the best of the last few years. I’m into Alexis Marshall’s lyrics and performances as a frontman; you can’t take your eyes off him. I saw them at the Button Factory a few years back when U:MACK had them over, and they were lethal. Definitely a go-to record over the years.

Big Black – Kerosene

I love Big Black and much of what Steve Albini has done. I can relate to the small town he’s referring to; I’ve tried to burn it down a few times. I love everything about this track: the beats, the lyrics, and the tones of the instruments. Atomizer is an unreal album. It’s hard to find a band that gave fewer fucks than Big Black.

Scratch Acid – Cannibal

Scratch Acid, which would later become The Jesus Lizard, is one of my favorite noise bands. David Yow’s vocals are unhinged, and I’ve drawn inspiration from his performances for sure.

Rían Trench

Clarissa Connelly – Wee Rosebud

From her album World of Work fresh out on Warp records. Somewhere between mythological pagan chant and completely uninhibited bedroom recording session. The whole album is full of intriguingly ambiguous emotional spaces.

Ruth White – Spleen

Synth composer Ruth White reciting the poetry of Charles Baudelaire over incredible creepy Moog and tape loop instrumentals back in 1969. It’s very much cinema for the ears. Heavy AF. Gets under the skin.

Nitzer Ebb – Join in the Chant

I was obsessive about German industrial techno duo, Schwefelgelb. Especially their 2017 EP Dahinter Das Gesicht. It’s so lean! Subsequently, I’ve gone down a rabbit hole of 80s industrial and EBM artists. A huge amount of what I love about punk and techno slammed together.

This Heat – Horizontal Hold

Discovered this band recently. This whole self-titled debut album is just outrageously forward-thinking for 1979 (tracking began in 1976)! It’s full of things that would pass as current post/noise/industrial rock if you weren’t aware. I was convinced when I heard it that it was current. The full record goes to all sorts of weird and unpredictable places. The joy of adventure and friendship really comes across in their music.