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Monday Mixtape: Cosha

Following the release of her sublime new EP, MurMurs, Wicklow R&B queen Cosha waxes lyrical on her all-time favourite tracks, featuring Björk, Sade, Tirzah, D’Angelo and more

Björk – It’s Not Up To You

I feel like all stages of my life can be defined by a Björk album; right now Vespertine is resonating with glorious potency. She says all the things I am thinking and feeling in ways so eloquent it’s almost unfair, this is not even her first language! This song particularly stuck with me recently, it’s such an important message that everyone can relate to and that everyone needs to hear. I love this woman with my whole heart and will forever be inspired by her.

D’Angelo – Really Love

D’Angelo is by far one of my favourite artists. This song is from one of my favourite albums ever, Black Messiah, and I think this song has one of the best intros ever. I love how his style and songwriting is so unique but it’s still so accessible, so timeless. This type of music is unbeatable for me.

Solange – Jerrod

Solange is, in my opinion, one of the best artists currently making music. This song particularly I’m obsessed with, I love the airiness, the fluidity and the space in this track. The formlessness of the songwriting means there are no edges or boundaries, it’s easier to get lost in it, I love that.

Silvia Perez Cruz – Nao Sei

One of my recent and probably favourite finds (I’ve just booked tickets to see her live!). I’m in awe of the control she has over her voice, the ways she can use it to convey such deep emotion will forever intrigue and inspire me. I could listen to this woman sing forever and I probably will!

Gloria Ann Taylor – World That’s Not Real

Once again, another timeless voice that has such control it can bend almost till it breaks to pull out these beautifully raw haunting vocals, this is one of those songs that has stuck with me since the moment I heard it. Thank you to Blacknoi$e for putting this on as we drove through Joshua Tree at dusk.

Sade – Kiss of Life

I mean, she is the ultimate. Talk about timeless, talk about honest and original, she’s one of the greatest to ever do it – and to do it with that much class and style, stop! Going through this breakup period I was definitely gravitating towards romance songs, be it the heartbreak, the infatuation, lust, no one does it like this woman. Sade fanatic for life.

Mount Kimbie ft. Micachu – Marilyn

This song for me captures a really peculiar element of being in love, a bittersweetness and vulnerability I don’t see portrayed like this very often. It’s one of those really special gems of a song that just sits in its own space. I obsessed over it when it first came out and hadn’t heard it in a while, until recently my little brother played it while we were doing a road trip, it hit me the same as it always did, I think that’s the test of great song, it doesn’t go stale – the opposite in fact, it only gets more precious with time.

Tirzah – Send Me

Tirzah is, in my opinion, also one of the best artists currently making music, she’s pure magic. So uncompromising, original and beautifully honest in her songwriting and vocal delivery. I don’t need to say too much to be honest, the music speaks for itself, just go listen.

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