• EP Stream: Gnarkats – Waves Collide

    Belfast-based indie rockers Gnarkats have just released their debut EP proper, Waves Collide. With sonic touchstones including anthemic, yet stilted alt. rock in the vein classic Biffy Clyro or Foals, a touch of the sharp, hook-laden Bangor sound made famous by Two Door Cinema Club, through to the guitar-led tonal bliss of recent ASIWYFA, it’s a more carefully crafted follow-up to their garagey early tunes. Never short on atmosphere or tone, the EP was tellingly produced by Mojo Fury’s Michael Mormecha at Millbank Studios. With this behind them, the young foursome look to have an exciting year ahead. Stream Waves Collide below:

  • Stream: Droids – Burn Down

    Derry/Londonderry alt-rock/post-hardcore quartet Droids have whet our riff-loving appetite for the long-awaited follow-up release to their eponymous debut EP with their new track, ‘Burn Down’ – a progression in terms of craft and production –  which is available for stream on their Bandcamp below. The track was recorded in their hometown’s Smalltown America studios by Chris Cassidy, and was mixed & mastered by Neal Calderwood of Manor Park. Come November, the band will play a set of dates to kickstart activity towards their new release, from which ‘Burn Down’ comes, which are as follows: November 1 – Atlantic Bar, Portrush November…

  • Stream: Weezer – Back To The Shack

    Having debuted the song on their cruise earlier in the year, Weezer have just made available the nostalgic ‘Back To The Shack’ to stream. It will be the lead single on their forthcoming tenth album – recorded with Ric Ocasek, who produced their first two, and most highly-regarded LPs – Everything Will Be Alright In The End, out on September 30.

  • Hope is Noise @ The Pavilion

    In the process of getting out to this gig, venturing out on a wet Thursday night, your writer wrenches his ankle, and as a result, spends the next 20 minutes hobbling to the Pavilion, just in time to miss most of debuting Cork/Italian lads The Order of the Mess‘ power-duo noise-rock assault. Their stuff on Soundcloud paints a rough but promising picture, that of a multifaceted, but bludgeoningly weighty aural attack. They’re well-received here. Settling in for Hope is Noise getting on with setup, it’s a decent crowd that litters the bar of the Pav, especially right before a Bank…

  • Elastic Sleep – Leave You E.P.

    The first thing that slaps you about the face about the debut E.P. from Elastic Sleep, is not the shimmering, foggy beauty they can conjure, hinted at in their dream-pop debut bijou, ‘Anywhere’, but the weight and conviction behind its execution. Cork shoegazers with a serious pedigree gleaned from their time in popgaze supermachine Agitate the Gravel/Terror Pop and synth-poppers Superblondes, the band’s collective experiences, disappointments, and refined vision have crystallised here in the form of six tracks that quickly embody a wide palate of influences, that not so much form the next stage of an ongoing evolution for the…