• Watch: Evvol – Comfort Fit

    The steady evolution of Berlin-based Irish/Australian duo Evvol has been a joy to behold. Having dropped their debut EP under their previous moniker Kool Thing back in early 2012, singer Julie Chance and Australian multi-instrumentalist Jane Arnison have unravelled a darkwave-pop aesthetic that manages to marry nuance with real connotation. Where last year’s ‘Physical L.U.V‘ was “a truth-telling story about motivations and expectations”, new single ‘Comfort Fit’ is a release that confronts how we understand and embody comfort. Shot on DV cam, the video for the new single was inspired by fashion photographer Steven Meisel’s notoriously uncomfortable and subsequently banned Calvin Klein ad campaign from 1995. Shot…

  • EP Stream: EVVOL – Physical L.U.V

    Having spent the last few months holed up in their Kreuzberg studio, Berlin-based Irish-Australian duo EVVOL have unveiled what they have described as a “very personal” five-track EP, Physical L.U.V. The follow up to last year’s Eternalism – a masterful debut album brimming with dramatic nocturnalism – the new release builds on that momentum with brooding panache, majestic hooks and wonderfully wonky darkwave textures, documenting what the pair have called “the physical and emotional comforts and constraints of love”.

  • The Thin Air’s Top 50 Irish Releases of 2015 (50-41)

    Ahead of our annual Top 100 Irish Tracks of the Year countdown later this month, we’re counting down our Top 50 Irish Releases of 2015 (that is to say EPs and albums) every day this week. And rather than giving the game away too soon, we’ve opted for the age-old descending option, starting with 50-41. Dig in. 50. Screamingparent – The Completist Back in April, Dudley Colley of Dublin’s Dudley Corporation AKA Screamingparent released his ten-track debut of “spare-room recorded bedroom classics”. Call it his first solo “misadventure”, it was recorded in between school runs and nappy changes. True story: The Guardian SC somewhere…

  • Stream: Evvol (Kool Thing) – Your Love

    Having renamed themselves as the (assumingly) similarly Sonic Youth-inspired Evvol, the Berlin-based trio once known as Kool Thing have re-emerged with the bold, blippy and rather quite brilliant ‘Your Love’. The track is taken from their forthcoming album, Eternalism, which is released on May 18. We’re very much looking forward to getting our eager mitts on that.