• Le Galaxie – Pleasure

    Any conversation about hard-working bands in Ireland is going to have to include Le Galaxie in some way, shape or form. The Dublin outfit have been making their own brand of slinky 80s electro-pop for nigh on a decade now with a live show that consistently beggars belief. Unfortunately, like many great live acts, the band has struggled to fully distill the manic, magical energy of their stage show to record. While the songs are always fundamentally good, something is often lost in translation; The edges aren’t as spiky and the energy is more muted. Having scored at decent chart…

  • Stream: Le Galaxie – Day of the Child

    Le Galaxie are back with ‘Day of the Child’ the second single off their forthcoming album, released today and currently streaming on Spotify. The neon inflected dance track features MayKay from dearly departed Fight Like Apes on vocals and some Soft Cell inspired synths, perfectly encapsulating their signature sound.  Having appeared as a guest on previous tracks and a huge favourite at their live gigs, this release coincides with the news of her officially becoming the fifth member of the group. Their highly anticipated album ‘Pleasure’ will be released on April 6 on the Red River Label.

  • Watch: Le Galaxie – Pleasure

    Le Galaxie have always been good for a music video that capture the heart and soul of their craft. Following on the heels of ‘Le Club’ and ‘Love System’ from last year, the Michael Pope-fronted quartet’s latest single, ‘Pleasure’ (featuring the tones of Fight Likes Apes’ certifiably deadly MayKay) now comes with its own rather colourful visual accompaniment. Combining light and kinesis, darkness and subtle dance, paint and confetti, the video – which you can watch below – was directed by Sam Hooper. ‘Pleasure’ is out on April 21 via Reckless Records.

  • Choice Music Prize 2016 @ Vicar Street, Dublin

    The Choice Music Prize celebrates the diversity and talent present in the Irish music scene. Tonight’s show in particular shows the vast range of bands and artists, both up-and-coming and those who have already well and truly made their mark. Whilst there may only be two awards up for grabs – Song of the Year and Album of the Year – the 12 bands that perform illustrate the real reason why we’re all here. Before announcing the winner of the former prize, there are performances and interviews for Today FM. Although the interviews fall slightly flat at times (simply because the crowd talk…

  • Track Record: Al Higgins (Le Galaxie)

    In this installment of Track Record, we call into to Al Higgins from Le Galaxie for a cup of tea and a chat about some of his most favourite and influential records from The Cars to Chromeo. Photos by Francisco Michel. Deutsch Electronische Musik – Volume 1 I bought this after watching one of those BBC4 music documentaries on Krautrock. That’s term that still doesn’t make sense to me and it’s also a bit offensive, but then I suppose it is easier to say than Deutsch Electronische Musik. This always goes down well at parties and I am constantly having to…