• Video Premiere: Meljoann – Secrets

    Avant-pop sensation and all round TTA favourite Meljoann is back with another creative self directed and produced video for ‘Secrets’, the second release in a succession of singles. The video features an all too familiar setting of a 90’s style day time talk show with a whole host of Mel-tiverse characters that fans of her ongoing Mustics clips would surely recognise. Speaking about the video, Meljoann said: “Using the magic of reality TV editing to my advantage, I made it look like my Talk Show debut was a triumph. When in fact, it was the most embarrassing experience of my entire life” Have a first look below!

  • Irish Tracks of the Week – 21st October

    Featuring two of our albums of the year, here’s the best Irish music released this week, from Clara Tracey, Crispy Jason aka Rian Trench, Meljoann, Joshua Burnside, Aoife Wolf and more. Clara Tracey – Black Forest Black Forest by Clara Tracey Crispy Jason – Laminated Jason Laminated Jason by Crispy Jason Joshua Burnside – Rough Edges Aoife Wolf – The Wetlands Invaderband – Octopus Part 10 OCTOPUS part 10 by Adam Leonard Paddy Hanna – Imagine I’m Hoping Imagine I’m Hoping by Paddy Hanna Comrade Hat – I Love To Take The Train I Love To Take The Train by…

  • Irish Tracks of the Week – 16th September

    Dive into the best Irish music of this week from Gilla Band, Farah Elle, Joshua Burnside, Kynsy, Clara Tracey, Meljoann and more.  Photo by Mark McGuinness Gilla Band – Post Ryan Farah Elle – Laundry Elaine Mai & MuRli – Ready Calmea – I know now I didn’t know, what it meant to really go I know now I didn’t know, what it meant to really go by Calmea Thee U.F.O. – Ponderous Fug Ponderous Fug by Thee U.F.O Waldorf + Cannon – Cut Loose Krea – September Sun Joshua Burnside – Late Afternoon In The Meadow (1887) Kynsy – Simple Life…

  • Irish Tracks of the Week – 10th June

    It may be festival season but the top-tier Irish music keeps coming. Here are the best tracks of the last seven days, including ROE, ZOiD x Meljoann, Myles O’Reilly, Hare Squead x Shauna Shadae, David Donohue and more ZOiD x Meljoann – Space Mission ROE – That’s When The Panic Sets In ROE · That’s When The Panic Sets In (Part I) David Donohoe – W​/​HERE W/HERE by David Donohoe Hare Squead x Shauna Shadae – Late Night Flex Myles O’Reilly – Shine Cocooning Heart by Myles O’Reilly SM Milligan – A Fragrance of Oceans A Fragrance of Oceans by…

  • Irish Tracks of the Week – July 30th

    From right across the island, here’s the very best Irish tracks of the week, featuring Meljoann, Malaki, Bicurious, Mano Le Tough, John Francis Flynn, JJ Bloom, Delacy and more. Meljoann – I Quit I Quit (single) by Meljoann Malaki – Head Highs Bicurious – I Can Hear Them Too Mano Le Tough – Together CARSTEN2X – Beaucoup John Francis Flynn – ‘Bring Me Home, pt. ii: I Would Not Live Always JJ Bloom – Cool Kids Oscar Blue – Backyard Mafia Delacy – Rewind

  • Monday Mixtape: Meljoann

    Having just released her self-directed video for 90s-pop bop ‘Overtime‘, Meljoann’s brand of experimental pop runs the gamut of classic and contemporary electronic pop. She takes us through some of her all-time favourites – in her own words: “I tried to make it not wanky, but unfortunately I failed and it’s actually 100% pure nerdy enthusiasm” Roger Doyle – The Iron Language Alphabet (Pt.1) Roger Doyle is a bit of a legend on the Irish experimental electronic scene. A friend had this sprawling, sci-fi inflected double album, and listening to it we were transported to another world. It took him ten years to complete.…

  • Irish Tracks of the Week – June 25

    It’s another stellar week of high profile Irish album, EP and single releases from acts as far-reaching as CMAT, Mob Wife, Kojaque, Meljoann, Tuath, Joshua Burnside & Laura Quirke, Mick Flannery & Susan O’Neill, Paddy Mulcahy, VJ Jaxson, Bannered Mare, Smallmint, Roe, A Ritual Sea, Saint Sister & more. CMAT – 2 Wrecked 2 Care 2 Wrecked 2 Care by CMAT Mob Wife – Petri Dish Mick Flannery and Susan O’Neill – Chain Reaction Co-Living Culture – Renegador Joshua Burnside & Laura Quirke – Far Away The Hills Are Green Meljoann – Overtime Gaze Is Ghost – Sea Song Sea Song…

  • Irish Tracks of the Week – November 20th

    As we creep steadily closer to the end of an… interesting year, things are still very much delivering on the Irish music front. Doubling up as twelve cases in point, here are the very best tracks from the island released this week. Myles Manley – Shiteshow Cometh the Softies by Myles Manley Ryan Vail & Ruth McGinley – Chrysalim Licehead – Perfect Death Forever Perfect Death Forever by Licehead Thumper – Topher Grace (Senu Remix) Dani Larkin – Samson & Goliath Meljoann – Trophy Wife F.R.U.I.T.Y. – Not Quite Exceptional Not Quite Exceptional by F.R.U.I.T.Y. Sal Dulu – B feat.…

  • Video Premiere: Meljoann – Business Card

    Hands down one of the country’s most idiosyncratic solo artists, Meljoann is a musical mind positively resistant to second-guessing. Taken from her forthcoming “anti-capitalised themed” album HR, recently singles ‘Company Retreat’ and ‘O Supervisor’ presented an artist whose sonic vision is matched by a perfectly unpigeonholeable visual body of work. New single ‘Business Card’ goes one further. Accompanied by easily one of our favourite Irish videos of the year thus far, it’s a deft and masterfully disorientating effort from an artist very much on the rise.

  • Watch: Meljoann – Private World (Live)

    You know what’s great and extremely re-watchable? This brand new live video of Irish producer, DJ and musician Meljoann performing ‘Private World’. Featuring a nice range of instruments and interfaces (namely Ableton Live, Akai LPD-8, MOTU Ultralite mk-3, JoeMeek threeQ, Alesis Vortex Wireless Keytar, and a guitar for all your gear heads), it is – as top comment on the video accurately sums up – a “deliriously fantastic” rendition, conjuring the likes of Prince and Janet Jackson fed through a prism of darkly electro sounds. THAT SOLO.