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Irish Tracks of the Week – 16th September


Dive into the best Irish music of this week from Gilla Band, Farah Elle, Joshua Burnside, Kynsy, Clara Tracey, Meljoann and more.

 Photo by Mark McGuinness

Gilla Band – Post Ryan

Farah Elle – Laundry

Elaine Mai & MuRli – Ready

Calmea – I know now I didn’t know, what it meant to really go

Thee U.F.O. – Ponderous Fug

Waldorf + Cannon – Cut Loose

Krea – September Sun

Joshua Burnside – Late Afternoon In The Meadow (1887)

Kynsy – Simple Life

Clara Tracy – Jane Birkin

Parker – Problems

Aonair – There Ain’t No Easy Way Out

Video Blue – First Snow

Meljoann – Rainbow Language (is for Losers)

Local Boy – Local Boy Climbs The Ladder

Rebekah Fitch – No Pressure