• Stream: Vogelbat – Lithx (feat. Sad Mermaid

    From 2015’s ‘Miw’ right through to ‘Ovl’ – a stellar single released back in September of last year – we’ve been closely following the output of Berlin-based Kilkenny producer and soundtrack composer Dave Sheenan AKA Vogelbat. New track ‘Lithx’ continues his run in fine fashion. Featuring Sad Mermaid – who featured on both the aforementioned singles – it’s another first-rate slice of ambient-leading electronica, melding shuddering pockets of rhythm, synth swells and abstracted vocals over nigh on five minutes. We dig it. Check it out.

  • Stream: Vogelbat – Ovl (feat. Sad Mermaid)

    Berlin-based Kilkenny producer David Sheenan AKA Vogelbat last caught our ear back in February with ‘Banx’, a track Eoin Murray called “a jittering slice of melodic trip-hop reminiscent of Bonobo or FKA Twigs, or the less jarring parts of Oneothrix Point Never’s catalogue”. Seven months on and Sheenan’s latest track ‘Ovl’ – featuring vocals from Berlin’s Katharina Burchin AKA Sad Mermaid – also slots very nicely into that particular description. Sheehan said, “It’s influenced by the likes of Portishead and Massive Attack. I’ve been working on it for quite a while, struggling with the mix, aiming for a lush sound without…

  • Stream: Vogelbat – Banx

    Over the course of the past year, Berlin based Kilkenny native Vogelbat has been steadily releasing a stream of tracks that have ceaselessly dazzled. Crafting instrumental hip-hop that draws from the pools like Trip-Hop and Avant-garde R&B is a tough job to do while still managing to sound sincere and professional. Where others may stumble and crash at the first pretentious hurdle of trying too hard to be “experimental”, Vogelbat’s music takes that experimentation and plays with it like a new toy, ensuring that it remains playful and heartfelt. Work on a debut LP continues, but in meantime we have…

  • Stream: Vogelbat – Miw (feat. Sad Mermaid)

    Evoking the likes of Arca and FKA Twigs in equal measure, Berlin-based Kilkenny producer David Sheenan AKA Vogelbat has unveiled a brilliantly burrowing new track, ‘Miw’. Featuring masterfully warped vocals courtesy of singer-songwriter Sad Mermaid – also based in the German capital – it serves as a strong introduction for newcomers to Sheenan’s aesthetic, in which “100% of [his] music created on a laptop with no external MIDI plugins, solid state synths or traditional instruments (as they “all reside [back] in Ireland”). Stream the track via Soundcloud below.