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Published on May 3rd, 2013 | by Loreana Rushe


Instatour: Squarehead


Squarehead do America! In the first of what will be a regular feature here on The Thin Air, we asked Roy, Ian and Ruan from the Dublin-based garage pop band to share their Instagram photos from their recent American tour, which saw them taking in NYC, Boston, Austin and oodles of cats and pizza. Our favourite image is of bassist Ian’s thoroughly awesome jacket, in which the band now refer to him as ‘The Day-Glo Cowboy’. Have a look for yourselves!

  • First thing we see when arrive home
  • This is our dear friend and intelligent writer Liz Pelly
  • Paid $50 for this used pedal. It's faded but someone had written "boy" on one side and "girl" on the other
  • Don't remember this. Looks like we're having the banter though.
  • Somebody's gonna die.
  • Tour (Mr)manager/guru Mike Caulo in his home town of Burlington Vermont.
  • Vegan? yes, healthy? maybe, delicious? Oh yes.
  • Our first night in Dreamhaus. Allston 4 Life
  • Pedal setup had to be downsized for all the travelling/carrying.
  • How was work? A bridge, in the evening, in Allston MA
  • Tour diet.
  • Old Town is a Fav. So is Philo. So is that price!
  • This is a 'Scorpion Bowl' in Chinatown Boston.
  • "It's just manager". Also, Slane Castle whiskey anyone??
  • Ryan from So So Glos lovely tanned wrist and then ours...
  • Free Pussy Riot. Not the other thing...
  • NYC view from our label headquaters.
  • We stayed with Chris from Young Adults in Northampton and he had a cardboard cut-out of my kitten!
  • Big man. Our friend Holly pointed out that it looks like a tigers head. Even bigger man!
  • Machines With Magnets in Rhode Island. Where Battles work their magic.
  • Another chilly yet beautiful morning in Allston MA
  • The White House
  • In the White House Jax.
  • Bad Tacos on Paddy's Day.
  • Not in Texas anymore...
  • In our first bayou. Photo by James Goulden
  • Ian got python cowboy boots.
  • This jacket got more attention then our band at SXSW. It's signed to Matador.
  • The Masking Tape Man made this little guy for Ian.
  • Escaping that heat. Like a boss
  • Street Fighter gown/blanket. Zangief was a passionate yet gentle.
  • This is Clovis. Total dude. Guitar tech for SXSW
  • The Illuminati Owl building in Austin Tx
  • Ian finally began reading his birthday present. LOLZ
  • Dublin
  • Final dinner with Krill and Coach Sippsman
  • Didn't get this (sadface)
  • So So Glows in Charlie's Kitchen, Cambridge, Mass
  • Basically everything is a tenner
  • Shark_ covering GBV in Silent Barn, Brooklyn
  • Dinner with our friend Jenn in Panna II, New York City
  • Ian jamming with a bunch of kids in Jersey City
  • Venue junk in Jersey City
  • Krill 4ever
  • First of 7 shows with Krill
  • Ian finds his dream bass
  • Outside Krill's mansion, The Manse
  • Plush accommodations
  • Hey Boston
  • Lads met Anthony Kiedis
  • Guinness and cocktails with James & Lynnelle in Tigress
  • How we found our new managment team
  • Saying goodbye to So Cow
  • Sidestage for Thee Oh Sees
  • 4am walk to the Capital Building
  • Ruan & Donald Sutherland go for Ice Cream
  • Played with The Very Best in Nasty's at our first show
  • Good omens in the badge shop
  • Home in Austin
  • First spotting of America

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