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Dan Hegarty: Sweet 95


It was a time when the Blur Vs Oasis nonsense was reaching its peak; the Battle of Britpop as it was called. Bret ‘Hitman’ Hart was WWF (now WWE) Champion, and it would be just a number of years before Irish Rugby fans would become familiar with a man by the name of Brian O’Driscoll.

Kerbdog – ‘Sally’

1995 was a year when the grit of what was known as grunge had been replaced by the aforementioned Britpop bands of varying merit. While on these shores bands like Rollerskate Skinny, Whipping Boy, Kerbdog, and Watercress were doing their respective things.

Every year has special albums, but there’s something about 1995 that has stuck with me over others. Listening back to some of the music that came our way during those 12 months, you begin to realise how wonderfully out of step albums like ‘Shag Tobacco’ by Gavin Friday, The Frames’ ‘Fitzcaraldo’ and ‘Nest’ by Lir were at a time, when so many were trying to copy the Britpop blueprint.

The Frames  ‘Revelate’

Retrospect and nostalgia have their place, but their not things that you should over-indulge with. In saying that though, while it’s great to keep looking to the future for what’s new and what’s next; the past shouldn’t be disregarded simply because it is the past.

Listen to the power of Kerbdog at their explosive best on ‘On The Turn’; hear The High Llamas sweet sounds on ‘Gideon Gaye’, and Rollerskate Skinny’s typhoon of noise on ‘Horsedrawn Wishes’. Gavin Friday created an uncrowned masterpiece in ‘Shag Tobacco’, and Lir’s global assault with ‘Nest’ sounds slick even by today’s standards. ‘Heartworm’ won Whipping Boy much deserved acclaim – not to mention Lou Reed as a fan – and Ash had begun what was to be quite a voyage!

Gavin Friday – ‘Angel’

A golden age perhaps? That depends one who’s talking, but it’s certainly one that helped shape my musical appreciation in a way that I’ll never forget.

1995 albums to introduce/reacquaint yourself with:

Rollerskate Skinny – Horsedrawn Wishes
Gavin FridayShag Tobacco
Whipping BoyHeartworm
KerbdogOn The Turn
The High LlamasGideon Gaye
The FramesFitzcaraldo

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