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Way Out West Festival 2013


Our Malmö, Sweden-based photographer Ian Pearce (above) hit up this year’s Way Out West Festivalundoubtedly the Scandanavian country’s best annual showcase of musical and culture.

Having took place in Göteborg from 8-10 August, this year’s line-up was something else altogether. Headlined by Neil Young and Crazy Horse, the bill featured everyone from The Knife and Godspeed You! Black Emperor to Haim and Public Enemy.

Take time to sift through Mr Pearce’s extraordinary trove of visual awesome below!

is a photographer/illustrator from Dublin living in Malmö, Sweden. He played in a band called Connect Four Orchestra in the early 2000's in Dublin. They released a bunch of singles and an album in 2001 and played support for the likes of Fugazi, Blonde Redhead, Superchunk and The Oxes. Even though he has stopped playing for now, his love for music has never stopped. He has worked with The Knife, Jape (of which his photograph is the cover of the Choice Music prize winning album Ocean of Frequency), Somadrone and Ships among others. He likes bass, records and being a dad. Follow Ian on thishasbean.com