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Playlist: National Poetry Day


We’re humongous fans of poetry here at The Thin Air. As far as we’re concerned, the very best poetry is far superior to a very good song or album – the syllabic genius of a handful of rhyming conquistadors down the ages faring in a realm of incisive mastery that has little to no parallel in any other sphere of the arts.

As it so happens, today is National Poetry Day and as we are also humongous fans of lovingly-assembled Spotify playlists of pretty much anything under the recordable sun, we have compiled a fifteen-track playlist of poetry (and music containing or inspiring poetry) from the likes of E.E. CummingsCharlie ParkerPatti SmithWilliam Carlos Williams and the behemothic countercultural talent that is Allen Ginsberg (above).

Check out the playlist below. Feel inspired? Read or write a poem, you amazing untapped talent you.

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