Watch: Bleeding Heart Pigeons – Visiting Myself in Hospital


“I’m a tightrope walker over miles of sea/This a frame of mind I’m in will end up killing me.”

So goes one of the lines from ‘Visiting Myself in Hospital’ by Limerick experimental three-piece Micháel Keating, Brendan McInerney and Cathal Histon AKA Bleeding Heart Pigeons, a track about the hypothetical ponderings of one of the Columbine killers.

Take a step back from the subject matter, the song’s somewhat unexpected no wave-esque outro and the song’s DIY video (below) and you’re left with a wonderfully simple, rather endearing slice of indie/synth-pop. Indeed, as is becoming their custom, Bleeding Heart Pigeons have combined the willfully wayward and weird with the positively sublime in atypical fashion. Long may that custom continue.

‘Visiting Myself in Hospital’ is the opening track from the band’s debut EP, In A Room In Littleton, Colorado. Watch the video for the single below.

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