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15 For ’15: New Gods

New Gods by Isabel Thomas

Next Wednesday, January 21, we conclude 15 For ’15, our feature looking at fifteen Irish acts we’re certain – convinced, even – are going to make waves in 2015 and beyond. Make sure to check out the full feature in our forthcoming January/February physical magazine.

Up today are Dublin punk five-piece New Gods.

Photo by Isabel Thomas, words by Will Murphy.

When it starts, you can feel it. This invisible touch sliding down your spine like finger of some long forgotten creature. Foot taps and gentle nods turn into body slams and head banging. This is what 1976 must have felt like; everything teetering on the brink of collapse and the only solace is a four chord assault. No fat, no frills, nothing slower than 130 bpm. This is Dublin’s New Gods, and while they may not be the saviours of punk they are a much needed shot of adrenaline. Their debut EP, Gods of Punk, is well worth a listen. It’s a nine minute, four track smattering of fury, speed and melody, made in the same mould as the likes of Dead Boys, The Damned and The Stooges. If the band are able to keep this momentum up, they’re fit to become the shining stars of Dublin’s fertile punk scene. Will Murphy

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