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Rave New World (6/3)


Rave New World: Antoin Lindsay and Aidan Hanratty return with this week’s unarguably indispensable guide to the very best electronic/dance tracks, mixes, releases and gigs taking across the country this weekend.


Gary’s Gang presents: DJ Fett Burger at The Sweeney Mongrel, Dublin
Friday, March 6

Tonight sees the arrival of DJ Fett Burger in Dublin. Fett Burger’s the owner of the constantly fantastic Sex Tags Mania label from Norway alongside his brother DJ Sotofett (who I covered on here last week). It’d be foolish to tell you what to expect but it’ll probably have some balearic and disco in there with the usual Sex Tags weird tinge to it all. Not to mention that the thing is bloody FREE?!? Genuinely no reason not to head down, even for a bit. AL

Pogo presents: DJ Funk at The Twisted Pepper, Dublin
Saturday, March 7

The bona fide legend that is DJ Funk will undoubtedly be tearing Twisted Pepper a new one on Saturday. The ghetto house pioneer will have the walls of the basement dripping with sweating from relentless booty clappin’. It’ll be as much an education as it will be a work out. AL

Abstract presents: Session Victim – Live at Opium Rooms
Friday, March 6

They may have a truly terrible handle, but Session Victim are damn fine artists. Their ‘See You When You Get There’ LP on Delusions of Grandeur was a disco marvel, maybe not a classic but a solid body of work. You know they’ll bring the party tonight. AH

The Building Society presents: Miss Kittin at Hangar
Saturday, March 7

Miss Kittin is a bit of a legend, if only for ‘Frank Sinatra‘, but there’s a lot more to her than that. There’s a reason she’s been in the game two decades. Definitely worth checking out. AH


Roman Flügel –  Sliced Africa [Dial Records]

‘Sliced Africa’ is the side of Roman Flügel (pictured) that I absolutely love. Shades of his track ‘Bahia Blues Boot Camp’, it’s melodic, bleepy and funky and has made its way into Ben UFO’s sets a lot recently if you needed more than my seal of approval. If you needed a reminder that Summer isn’t that far away, this is it.  AL

Truss – Kymin Lea [Perc Trax]

Truss keeps his very raw sound for this new one forthcoming on Perc Trax. It’s not a straight up banger, in fact it’s pretty restrained by Truss’ standards. That doesn’t mean to say it isn’t distorted as hell and feels like its barely held together. Perfect one for near the end of the night.  AL

Feral – Ceremony

UNO have been responsible for bringing some key artists to our attention in recent years, giving greater platforms to the likes of Arca, Fatima Al Qadiri and Mykki Blanco to name but a few. Their Giveitaway project  has been quiet for a while, but this slow-build track from Ceremony brings things back with thrilling aplomb. AH

LCC – Quarz (Tujiko Noriko Remix)

LCC’s D/Evolution was one of my favourite releases last year, and this remix collection takes some key points and allows for reflection on this wonderful piece of work. Japanese avant-pop artist Tujiko Noriko sings delicately over ‘Quarz’, it’s low-key drone ebbing and flowing beneath her whispered vocals. AH


Nidia Minaj – Dazed Mix

This is absolute gold. Nidia Minaj is a 17-year-old from a Lisbon house project who is still in school and yet manages to plunder in with the best mix I’ve heard so far this year. Her forthcoming ‘Danger’ EP on Principe Discos is an absolute stormer and this mix goes hand-in-hand with it. According to Nidia she makes tarraxinha and kuduro my knowledge of those are limited pretty much solely to whatever’s on Principe but I’m inspired by this genuinely outstanding mix to go digging. See you on the other side. AL

Nicky Siano live at the Gallery, October 1976

Wax Poetics have kindly provided us with a great story of this Nicky Siano set from the mid 70s. This mix provides a great snapshot of what parties in famous Gallery club were like and an insight into the roots of house music. AL

Herva – HTMYO

This is a weird one. Unclassifiable. All City is Dublin’s premier vinyl stockist – it’s where I buy all mine, anyway – and has also been steadily expanding its increasingly diverse label of late. This is dance music, yes, but it’s informed by a multitude of disparate elements. Thrilling techno beats, abstract vocals from outer space (as befits the wonderful artwork), 90s electro meets DNB – it’s all over the place. but in the best possible way. AH

DATCHATRAX MIX 001: Danse Noire DJs

Lausanne-based blog (I think?) Datchatrax have hosted their first mix, and it’s from the super weird Danse Noire DJs. The label, founded by Aïsha Devi and friends, drops awkward and angry techno from the likes of Vaghe Stelle and Ivvvo, and this mix perfectly reflects that intensity. AH