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TTA Session #007: Ciaran Lavery

Ciaran lavery

We’ve said it a few times before but some things just need repeating: Ciaran Lavery is easily one of the most naturally gifted Irish singer-songwriters of his or any other generation. With an extraordinary voice schooled in heartache and experience, Lavery’s restrained yet fevered acoustic tales harbour some truly wonderful turns of phrase and gently-strummed songwriting brilliance.

Filmed/edited by Colm Laverty, and featuring sound by Chris Ryan, we recently captured Lavery performing two of his very best songs – ‘Shame’ and ‘Left For America’ – early in the morning outside Belfast’s iconic Duke of York on Corporation Street. As well delivering two superb renditions of both songs, Lavery also gives us a little insight into his early musical ambitions, his approach to the recording process, his new collaboration with Derry electronic musician Ryan Vail and what’s set to be a particularly busy and exciting few months for the fast-rising Aghagallon-based artist.

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