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Rave New World (17/4)


It’s Friday, the sun is shining (kind of) and Antoin Lindsay, befitting his custom, is here to deliver Rave New World, his weekly dose of all things electronic. Get stuck in.


Twitch & Nocturne present – Move D at The Bunatee, Belfast
Saturday, April 18

Move D’s been in the game for over two decades so you can be assured you’re in safe hands if you make the wise decision to head to Twitch on Saturday. Expect the finest and funnest selection of house, techno and disco from Mr. Moufang who gets as into it as the crowd does. He’s also play Twisted Pepper tonight too, so grab the chance to see him.

Bastardo Electrico presents Truss at Cyprus Avenue, Cork
Friday, April 17

Whether it’s as MPIA3, Truss or part of Blacknecks or TR//ER with his brother Tessela, Tom Russell has been one of the finest purveyors of the harder edge of techno for the last couple of years. The lucky people of Cork get to experience one of the best in the game in action tonight at Cyprus Avenue. You all better have those fists clenched and the taps set for aff.

Jan Jelinek at Project Arts Centre, Dublin
Wednesday, April 22

I don’t just do clubs you know, and I’m quite thankful for that because I’m not entirely sure a Jan Jelinek (pictured) set would go down massively well in the likes of District 8. Nevertheless the minimalist master is making a rare live appearance, and his first in Dublin, on Wednesday in the Project Arts Centre and it promises to be a pretty special one. Support on the night from Somadrone and Ben Bix (of Meltybrains?) & vocalist Feather. You’ll be home by midnight as well, don’t worry.

The Family Tree & Room 19 presents Nick Craddock & Sias at The Twisted Pepper
Thursday, April 23

Get the Thursday night race crew together for next week because Nick Craddock is one of the best there is. He’s been around for ages but it seems that Nick has been that bit more visible lately as more and more people seem to realise how bloody good he is. He’ll be joined on the night by Sias aka Frank B who released a really great album on Hungarian label Farbwechsel last year.


Route 8 – Relaxed [Lobster Theremin]

Route 8 has been slowly worming his way into my brain over the last 18 months or so. There’s not really anyone else out there who manages to make gorgeous sounding house music that sounds in equal parts delicate and hard-hitting and raw. ‘Relaxed’ is coming out on a reissue of his outstanding Dry Thoughts EP from last year. A total summer evening burner.

Iglew – Sleep Lighter VIP

A nice little free download to brighten up your Friday from freshman Iglew. He’s recently released his Urban Myth ep on Gobstopper Records (who also released that Alice Deejay edit I lost it over a few months ago, if you recall) which is definitely worth checking out. Sleep Lighter VIP is an edit of one of the tracks on the EP with a bassline melody and texture that will burn itself into your brain like liquid nitrogen. You can get the free download here.

Ishawna – Glory Glory [Downsound Record]

Still kind of on a dancehall binge from last week and Ishawna is a particular favourite of mine. She’s pretty consistent, kills it on every track and manages to get the best beats in. I feel like she should be a lot bigger globally. Also it’s another free download here so no excuses.


Linkwood – Dekmantel Podcast #13

The Dekmantel podcast has been slowly establishing itself as one of the best out there, with a pretty outstanding collection of well-known and lesser-known DJs. One consistent thing about the mixes is they’re all amazing, and Linkwood’s is no different. Admittedly this mix is my first encounter with him, but its full of gorgeous, absorbing deep house. I’ll be checking out more.

Laurel Halo – Berlin Community Radio show

Incredibly thankful for Berlin Community Radio and that it gives a platform to amazing people like Laurel Halo for 2 hours. Here we get an idea what influences that brilliant mind of hers. Of course, it’s crammed full of variety and as alluring a her music. Spend an evening with this one.

The Cyclist – Hot House [Music is For Lovers]

You know, I could almost stick my neck out and say Andrew Morrison AKA The Cyclist is the single most in-form Irish producer out there at the moment. A couple of brilliant albums followed by an equally impressive EP in ‘Hot House’, it’ll take a bit of convincing to make me think otherwise right now. Andrew’s trademark throbbing, melodic sound is continued here for all to witness and he’s doing it better than ever. It’s also coming out on tape on the fantastic 100% Silk if that wasn’t enough of a recommendation. If you really care about Irish electronic music, it’s talents like his we should all make the effort in supporting.

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