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Visual Arts Outlook (22/4)


The week ahead is looking full already, writes Mary Stevens. Various events are happening outside of the gallery walls including a performance by Stuart Brisley as part of his exhibition Headwinds at The MAC Belfast on Thursday night.

A Breath Crystal (Exhibition)
Project Arts Centre, Dublin
April 24 – May 30

This group show at Project Arts Centre curated by Mihnea Mircan from Extra City Kunsthal opens on Thursday night at 6pm. Artists Jean-Luc Moulène, Lonnie van Brummelen, Siebren de Haan, Katerina Undo, Miklos Onucsan, Tom Nicholson, Phillip Warnell, Jonas Staal, Fabio Mauri, Jacqueline Mesmaeker and Lawrence Abu Hamdan represent the internationality of the show. This thematic exhibition based on contamination uses cave paintings that have been covered by a naturally occurring fungus as a starting point. The fungus covered the vivid colours of the paintings, preserving them through their long history. Artists have worked with the theme of contamination and hybridity to produce A Breath Crystal (pictured; Susan Schuppli).

A Breath Crystal will also be showcasing a series of experimental films to accompany the exhibition. These can be seen on 24 April 2015 6.30pm at the Irish Film Institute.

Processes of Change; Exhibition by Tomasz Madajczak
Tactic, Cork
Thursday 25 – 7 May

Originally from Poland, Tomasz Madajczak is a photographer that works in the medium of installation. Madajczak explores three different themes in this show including ‘Realms of Communication’ ‘Transgressive Perception’ and ‘Phantoms of Modern Tools’, each is a series of work that explores and questions various perceived realities. He looks at technology and its interaction with society, questioning our seemingly human relationships with today’s internet based world. Opening on Thursday evening at 7pm.

Nicky Larkin
The Strand Arts Centre, Belfast
April 25, 5pm

As part of the Belfast Film Festival, Digital Arts Studios (DAS) presents a film by one of their artists in residence Nicky Larkin. The film The Iron Man will be shown on Saturday 25th April at 5pm in the Strand Arts Centre. The artist’s second feature length documentary looks at one mans struggle with terminal cancer in a generous uplifting way. DAS’s annual contribution to the festival shows visual artists who work within the medium of digital moving image.

Telling Lies
RUA RED, Dublin
April 25 – May 23

Artists Terry Atkinson, Alan Butler, Cliona Harmey, Eva & Franco Mattes, Theresa Nanigian, Jane Queally, Jim Ricks, Martha Rosler, Sean Snyder, Suzanne Treister participate in this group show inspired by Martha Rosler’s Fascination with the (Game of the) Exploding (Historical) Hollow Leg, an exhibition from 1983. Curated by Paul McAree this diverse group of artists explore the questions and ideas inspired by this theme. Sometimes political and often personal, the exhibition prompts discussion around these ideas.