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Inbound: Pleasure Beach


Belfast’s newest dream-pop outfit Pleasure Beach dazzled into our ears at the end of April with their shimmering and uplifting first release ‘Go’. The song emerges from a haze of wavey synths, which envelope and carry the twanging 50’s diner guitars and driving drums. The five-piece seem to have put enormous concentration into the sound they are hoping to achieve and into how each instrument would play off the other on their glamorous debut.

With ‘Go’ being the first and, thus far, only thing we have to go on with Pleasure Beach it is safe to say that anticipation is high for what will come next with massive excitement building for the band’s live debut. It is obviously difficult to make generalisations about a band’s trajectory based off of one track. However, ‘Go’s joyous melody and uplifting female/male vocal harmonies make comparisons with The War on Drugs, Arcade Fire’s more recent albums, and Bruce Springsteen – if he lost the run of himself and soundtracked a Sophia Coppola film – seem reasonably apt.

Pointless comparisons aside though, Pleasure Beach have gifted us a great tune for a sunny day and we can’t wait for more music and some live shows soon. Eoin Murray