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Rave New World: Referendum Special (22/5)


In a special Referendum weekend installment of Rave New World, Antoin Lindsay and Aidan Hanratty take a look at some of the very best electronic gigs, tracks, releases and mixes.


Beat BBQ present Rhythm Plate at Aether & Echo, Belfast
Sunday, May 24

Some all day Bank Holiday fun at Aether & Echo with deep house duo Rhythm Plate bringing the vibes. They’re starting up on the rooftop then moving downstairs to the main club, so make sure to pace yourself on the Guinnesses. A raft of local support including Nez and Chris Hanna will be featuring too. AL

Arthur Russell’s Instrumentals Directed by Peter Gordon at Button Factory, Dublin
Saturday, May 23

If sense prevails, by tomorrow Ireland will have marriage equality and we’ll have proven ourselves to not be completely backward. What better way to (possibly) celebrate than with some performances of Arthur Russell’s Instrumentals, the first time they’re being performed in Europe? With the likes of Gavin Russom and Max Gordon featuring, it should be pretty special. AL

Pyg presents Dj Falcon [Roulé] at Pygmalion
Friday, May 22

Last time I saw DJ Falcon was back in 2009, when he played a criminally underattended gig in what was then Wax, downstairs on South William Street. He’s basically playing next door in Pyg, and he’s always worth a look. A lynchpin of the French touch scene, his DJ sets are expertly crafted yet no less fun and exuberant. AH

Out To Lunch presents DJ Sprinkles and New Jackson at Bar Tengu
Saturday, May 23

I’m not going to lie, I’m hugely excited about this. DJ Sprinkles is a superb DJ, an impeccable producer and an utterly brilliant mind. An hour-long discussion with DJ and LGBT activist Tonie Walsh will be followed by a four-hour Sprinkles set, while local talent New Jackson will be playing upstairs. This will be special. AH


Pangaea – Stimulant [Hadal]

Despite being a co-founder of one of the most revered dance music labels of the last decade, Hessle Audio man Pangaea (pictured) is, in my opinion, still vastly underrated. This one isn’t coming out on Hessle, rather his own Hadal label and it continues with the heavier direction he’s taken his sound. He’s not been averse to using dub and dancehall vocals in his tracks before but ‘Stimulant Dub’ is the hardest he’s went with one of them. The track name also couldn’t really be more accurate. AL

Jack J – Thirstin’ b/w Atmosphere [Future Times]

Yes, yes. Two Future Times releases covered by me in as many weeks, but Jack J released my favourite single of 2014 and he’s back with this gorgeous little corker. He’s mastered the summer evening house vibe with an uncanny feel for groove and earworm melodies with this release. Hopefully we’ll all be hearing these two tracks on some lovely outdoors dancefloor in the coming months. AL

Anthony Naples – Busy Signal

Anthony Naples just dropped a bunch of his stuff on Bandcamp – not new per se, but this track from his 2013 El Portal release on The Trilogy Tapes is is a killer. AH


Antóin featured a mix from Principe Discos artist Nidia Minaj back in March, and she’s been teasing short pieces of work on her SoundCloud lately. This track is based around a tiny guitar loop and a jerking beat. At just two minutes, it’s a short example in a given style, alongside ARME and Mulher Profissional. Stick with it this one. AH


Moxie with Mella Dee on NTS

Moxie has one of the finest shows on NTS and last week and she brought in Mella Dee for a guest mix. It’s chock full of sprightly and occasionally hard hitting house and techno without going too mental. Maybe one for the pre-pre party? AL

PHNCST207 – Brian Not Brian

Keeping to a similar vibe if less clubby vibe, Brian Not Brian has provided an unsurprisingly lovely mix for French blog Phonographe Corp. Ambient through to jazz, funk and new wave, its definitely one to chill out to. Can you guess what kind of mood I’ve been in this week? AL

Constellation Botsu (NUTE023)

This is a super weird collection of tracks from Nute Records, a sublabel of the now-defunct Trensmat. They received a rake of tracks from unknown quantity Botus, whose sharp and blistering sounds intrigued them ever so much. This is a selection of choice cuts, with added remixes, most notably from Irish stars Lakker (who’ve just put out their album Tundra on R&S. Keep it weird. AH

E.M.M.A. w/ guest Herman Brahns – 20th May 2015

Victorian grime queen E.M.M.A. always brings exquisite sounds to her radio show on Radar Radio, and this week she has Herman Brahns in the studio with her. Future anthems and unknown gems for days. AH