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Visual Arts Outlook (25/5)

eegb @ Digital Arts Studios

After last weeks break, we are back with a full schedule of arts events to enhance your week. Coming into June we are readying ourselves for the wave of the annual end of year Art College shows – most of which will be taking place next week so keep an eye out for more details on them.

In Catalyst Arts on Thursday there is an exciting event called BYOB (not the rather more well known Bring Your Own Bottle) which stands for Bring Your Own Beamer, Beamer being the casual name for a projector in most parts of Europe. BYOB is a series of one night events that happen all over the world, invented by Rafaël Rozendaal. This exciting and celebratory night is a way of showcasing literally everyone’s (that can fit!) current digital media visual arts practice, and highlights our current aspect of screen viewing. The idea brings the online seclusion of many video artists right out of the internet and into the gallery space. This event is going to be really fun and will have a soundtrack provided by local DJs.

If you would like to be involved in Catalyst’s BYOB, please get in touch at

Pallas Projects – Dublin
Glenn Fitzgerald – We Don’t Dream
May 20 – 30 May

In this continuing exhibition Glenn Fitzgerald shows a collection of new work. Primarily a painter, Fitzgerald also shows a selection of drawings. Drawing inspiration from wide ranging subjects like the body, language and personal history, Fitzgerald gives the viewer a glimpse into the artist’s methods of using drawing as a tool in the creative process.

Golden Thread – Belfast
Analogues – Digital Arts Studios
May 26 – May 30

Artists Charlotte Bosanquet, eegb, Hannah McBride and Muireann McCába explore the notions of the word Analogue. As the current artists in residence at DAS (pictured), this continuing exhibition at the Golden Thread Gallery gives them the opportunity to experiment and collaborate with methods of showing their work. As the word analogue suggests something completely opposite to digital, the exhibition provides an interesting framework and approach to current digital media practices.

Glitch Festival 2015 – Dublin
Curated by Ciara Scanlan and Matthew Nevin of MART.
29 May 6 June – PREVIEW 29 May 6pm

“How can technology activate a more visceral connectivity from a virtual standpoint?”

is the opening question proposed by curators Ciara Scanlan and Matthew Nevin to the contributing artists of Glitch. Artists have been encouraged to experiment with various technologies and their use of space in this show. Reconstruction of the MART old fire station in RUA RED challenges the traditional gallery space and changes the expectation of viewers.

There is a whole series of events throughout the festival including talks and lectures as well as performances. Check out the full details here. Mary Stevens