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Rave New World (18/9)

Laurel Halo, seen here performing at the 2013 Mountain Oasis Electronic Music Summit, released one of our favorite dance tracks of the year.

Aidan Hanratty and Antoin Lindsay preview all the very best electronic gigs, mixes, tracks and releaes of the week.


Mvestle ‘Poultice’ tape launch with Roslyn Steer, School Tour, Flash Moderne at TenterHooks Gigspace
Friday, September 18

Mvestle marks the release of their new tape Poultice on Fallow Media with a small gig in Dublin’s TenterHooks. The tape is a thrilling work of twisted electronics, and they’re supported by the wonderful Roslyn Steer, whose Still Moving I raved about on these very pages last month, alongside School Tour and Flash Moderne. An evening of unusual sound no doubt, but one that will bring undoubted treasures. AH

Boxed Off Festival at Fairyhouse Racecourse w/ Nina Kraviz and Daniel Avery
Saturday, September 19

A new one-day festival makes its name tomorrow, as Boxed Off takes place at the Fairyhouse Racecource in Co Meath. There’s a fairly huge lineup, largely made up of local talent like DJ Deece and Rosbeg, but Nina Kraviz and Daniel Avery are never ones to ignore. AH

Culture Night Belfast Mini Rave at Kent Street Car Park, Belfast
Friday, September 18

Culture Night is probably the best night of the year in Belfast, and they’ll be putting on a mini rave in Kent Street car park with a host of local names including Chris Hanna, Paddy Towe and Chris Frieze. It’s free in, it’s BYOB, there’s no reason for you not to go. AL

AUX and The Night Institute Street Party at Aether & Echo, Belfast
Saturday, September 19

And keeping in the spirit of Culture Night, there’ll be a street party around Aether & Echo from Bobby Analog and The Night Institute residents Jordan and RNW’s podcast man Timmy Stewart. 3 hours of music outside before moving into the club later on, sounds like a pretty mega weekend in Belfast if you ask me. AL


Wilted Woman – Ball Bit

The latest tape collection from MMODEMM just dropped, and this is a standout for me. Together with tracks from Container and Tlaotlon, this track features on the latest five-cassette bundle (a bit wasteful if you ask me). Bird-like chirps, deep bass throms, squobs of sound (I’m making up words now), it’s a heady proliferation of noise and really gets under your skin. AH

Laurel Halo – Situation

New Laurel Halo (pictured) is always an event, but this exceeds all expectations. Dubby, bassy goodness that jerks back and forth amid unrestrained sonics and crashing cymbals at breakneck speed, it’s a taste of her new double EP In Situ for Honest Jon’s. Going on this alone, it should be super. AH

Rizzla – Twitch Queen [Fade To Mind]

‘Twitch Queen’ is from Rizzla’s debut EP on Fade To Mind, which is shaping up to be a corker. Continuing to draw parallels between ballroom and grime and with knowing nods to 90s rave, Rizzla’s created something will surely be setting some dancefloors off in the near future. AL

Bloom – Quartz VIP [Gobstopper Records]

It’s been a few years since Belfast’s Bloom blew the doors off with ‘Quartz’, which is now somewhat of a classic. Gobstopper is now five years old so they’re reissuing the track alongside this incredible VIP. The original may have been around for a while now, but it’s lost none of it’s impact. AL


Juno Plus Podcast 121: Porn Sword Tobacco
Saturday, September 19

Swedish producer Porn Sword Tobacco turns in this week’s Juno Plus Podcast, and it’s a veritable trip – not in the epic prog journey sense of the word, rather a hazy trek through moods and modes. Walking through the city listening to PST drift from one track to the next was a true delight this week. AH

Teishi-1 – Shards

Dubliner Teishi-1 has been quietly dropping hip-hop flavoured electronica for many years now, and Shards, his latest, could be his best work. Running at just 15 minutes, it’s a short foray into his mindframe, but a joyous one all the same. Awkward samples and hazy tones meet clattering percussion and dancing loons. Shouts to the beautiful art too, taken on a foggy day at Grand Canal Dock. AH

DJ Firmeza – RA Podcast 485

One of the up-and-coming members of the Principe family, DJ Firmeza has put together a mix of mostly his own tracks to drool over. The instrumental kuduro sound that Principe have been pushing seems to slowly be making waves from Iberia, and Firmeza brings a sense of rhythm and fun that makes his work particularly impressive. AL