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Rave New World (20/11)

Pic: Matti Slembrouck

Aidan Hanratty takes a look at the very best electronic gigs, tracks, mixes and releases of the week.


Scoundrels Sound System presents A Love From Outer Space at Dolan’s Warehouse
Friday 20 November

Big night this, starting off at The Blind Pig, where Lord Weathers will be recording his Music Not For Everyone show for NTS. After that, he and his partner Sean Johnston will be taking things slow and heavy at Dolan’s.

The Pig’s Ear, RnB Club, Live Live with Fatima & Eglo Live Band at Button Factory
Friday 20 November

From one pig to another – Fatima and the Eglo band bring their distinctive brand of UK soul to Dublin tonight. They’re regular enough visitors to this city, but they always bring the party.

Wino Boys + Daire Carolan at the South William
Sat 21 November

First Second boss Daire Carolan teams up with shadowy duo Wino Boys, fresh from their appearance on the really rather superb Vibe 3 compilation from Future Times. Expect rugged party music, house bangers and tracks that might never even see release.

Welcome with ??? [Roll Deep/Crazylegs], CLU, Glacial Sound at The Grand Social
Thursday 26 November

This party doesn’t really have a line-up, but it promises performances from members of the Roll Deep and Crazylegs crews, as well as local stalwarts CLU and Glacial Sound.


Special Request – Damage (Detboi Pump Action VIP) [XL]

One might think a Special Request track couldn’t get any crazier. Well, Woolford (who plays Dublin tomorrow) turned to Dubliner Detboi when he wanted to take things up a notch for his Essential Mix last week. Just check this insane remix of ‘Damage’, one of the tracks from his recent set of 12″s for XL. While the original’s crisp percussion is bolstered by a classic vocal sample, Detboi goes HAM with rave tropes — hoovers, telephones, breakbeats, chopping up that sample with devilish aplomb. Killer.

Lumigraph – dubjamwednesday

Quick! Listen before it disappears. Dublin’s Lumigraph is prone to throwing up quirky cuts on his SoundCloud, only to take them down quietly a little while later. This is one such groove. Murky bass, beats on the three, weird synth notes.


Superhero tag-team duo Mix Mup and Kassem Mosse return to The Trilogy Tapes, albeit for this joint venture between Will Bankhead’s outfit and skateboard brand Palace. This, as you’d expect from these guys, is slightly weird but nonetheless essential.


soldchicago – In The Bank

Sold is a solid DJ who’s a budding collector, and here she puts together an hour-plus of some recent disco finds, featuring Harold Melvin and the Bluenotes, ESG and more. Thrilling and educational at the same damn time.

Zora Jones – 100 Ladies EP [Fractal Fantasy]

Zora Jones drops her debut EP for Fractal Fantasy. It’s a hyperactive jaunt through twisted vocals and footwork-inspired percussion, with wide-eyed synth squelch and unquenched emotion running throughout.

Little Tapes 018 – Bandshell

Hessle regular Bandshell hasn’t put out a record in far too long (bar a bunch of old throwaways on SoundCloud, now deleted), so enjoy this ace mix. More a collection of tracks than a mix proper, it’s nonetheless full of bangers, new-age freakouts and experimental oddities.

Matt McDermott – Dublab Radio with Call Super – 13 Nov 2015

This day last week Call Super was in LA, and he stopped by the dublab studio to play a sweet mix of low-key jams. While known for his intelligent, often bruising techno, this set saw him take a different tack, finding room for Missy Elliot, Mantronix, Tangerine Dream and Terreke among others. Deep stuff.