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Rave New World (27/11)

Antoin Lindsay and Aidan Hanratty return for their latest look at the very best electronic gigs, tracks, mixes and releases of the week.


Maya Jane Coles at District 8, Dublin
Levon Vincent & Fred P aka Black Jazz Consortium at District 8, Dublin
Friday 27, Saturday 28 November

Levon Vincent courted controversy in the wake of the recent Paris attacks. Encouraging his Facebook fans to carry weapons to protect themselves and deleting dissenting views, he dug himself several holes. He’s now left Twitter (for the time-being). It’s tough to plug this gig, but it’s hard not to as plays tonight in the hopefully weapon-free confines of District 8 alongside Fred P, aka Black Jazz Consortium. Fred has really had a banner year, with superb releases on Mule Musiq (the wonderful 5 album), Energy of Sound and Rex Club, so it would be an awful shame to miss him on account of Levon’s foolishness. If you want to sit that one out though, the irrepressible Maya Jane Coles plays the same venue tonight. AH

Lower Your Expectations #3: Kenny Hanlon & Frawl at The Underbelly, Limerick
Saturday 28 November

Nascent Limerick party Lower Your Expectations is getting into a groove, with Apartment Records man Kenny Hanlon making the trek down from Dublin. Kenny just dropped a mix for the Fallow Media project, with Robert Hood heaters from start to finish. He’ll most likely play a more varied set tomorrow night, but it’s an insight into his skills and taste. AH

Twitch 9th Birthday with Pangaea, Bunatee, Belfast.
Saturday 28 November

After the unfortunate late withdrawal of Martyn, Twitch have managed to draft in Pangaea as cover. If you’ve seen him lately you’ll know it’s a pretty excellent replacement to bring in last minute. The Hessle Audio man loves his techno and should go down a treat with the Twitch crowd, perfect for their birthday. AL

Jika Jika! present: Marquis Hawkes and Denis Sulta at The Glassworks, Derry
Saturday 28 November

Two names that seem to be increasingly popular round the North, Marquis Hawkes and Denis Sulta will be playing at Jika Jika!’s first event at The Glassworks. I’ve not been myself yet, but I’ve been reliably told it’s a great venue and the Derry heads will surely be out in force for this. AL


a new line (related) – Belle Ile En Mer Dub Night (Perfume Advert Remix)

The ever-glorious Perfume Advert have pulled out a gorgeous remix for a new line (related), who put out a new 12” just yesterday. It’s satisfyingly Chain Reaction-y and perfect for the slow fade into winter. AL

Mr. Mitch – Milo (2015 Version)

Mr. Mitch released a version of this song in 2013, for his son Milo. It featured devastating chords, pulsing beats and a screaming guitar solo. Two years on, he’s stripped it back, tearing out the beats and rendering it utterly ghostly. The chords actually bring to mind ‘Duel of The Fates’, no doubt the best thing (or least bad thing) about The Phantom Menace. The beats kick in almost a minute from the end, soft and beautiful, poignant and elegiac. A lovely tribute. AH


Beautiful Swimmers – Dekmantel Mix

Right now, at this very moment in time, Beautiful Swimmers just might be my favourite DJs. Max D and Ari Goldman are a formidable duo when it comes to bringing straight-up vibes. I can’t think of anyone else who packs such fun, energy and groove into their mixes as these two, so that should be just enough to convince you to listen to their contribution to the Dekmantel mix series, which has had the strongest of years. AL

Jackmaster – Mastermix 2015

Always one of the most anticipated mixes of the year, Jackmaster’s annual Mastermix dropped this week. Needless to say it’s very enjoyable, and is chock full of what you’d expect from Jack with fresh cuts and classics sitting alongside each other in thrilled harmony. AL

FADER Mix: Beta Librae

This mix from New York producer and 1080p representative Beta Librae starts off on a brisk dub techno tip, but switches tone almost immediately. Throughout the mix she switches tack, moving from trippy techno to jazzy footwork and classic house. AH

Juno Plus Podcast 126: UntilMyHeartStops

Leif and Joe Ellis have put contributed the latest Juno Plus Podcast, the culmination of a stellar year for the label (lots of that going round this week, despite the fact that we’ve a month still to go). It’s effortlessly breezy, with an hour of, dare I say, intelligent house music that zips by almost without you noticing. One of those mixes that you’ll want to come back to again and again. AH