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Rave New World (6/11)


Antoin Lindsay and Aidan Hanratty return for their latest look at the very best electronic gigs, tracks, mixes and releases of the week.


TNI and Aether Present: Kornel Kovacs and Denis Sulta at Aether & Echo, Belfast
Saturday 7 October

Two names that seem to be cropping up a lot lately are Kornel Kovacs and Denis Sulta, who The Night Institute have managed to bring in this Saturday. Kovacs is fresh off a very well-received release on Numbers and Sulta is fast becoming one of the most in-demand DJs in Glasgow. Will no doubt be a night of relentless vibes. AL

Pyg presents Eamon Harkin at Pygmalion
Saturday, November 7

Mister Saturday Night comes to Dublin, as Irishman Eamon Harkin brings the tunes to Pygmalion. Get a touch of their world-famous New York parties, not to mention their always on form label, both of which are known for their joyous, quirky takes on house and techno. AH

Metropolis Night with ?uestlove at The Sugar Club
Saturday, November 7

There are a rake of Metropolis after parties this weekend, but we’re most tickled by this one. The multi-talented drummer for The Roots (who right now might be most famous as Jimmy Fallon’s house band) throws down a super weekly party at the Brooklyn Bowl, generally starting with classic funk and soul, through to golden age hip-hop and right on into future house music. Dude can play. AH


Jlin – Nandi [Planet Mu]

Jlin is one of the most daring producers out there at the moment. Her ‘Dark Energy’ album on Planet Mu from earlier this year took footwork to places it’s never been before. She’s got a new EP coming out on Planet Mu later this year and if ‘Nandi’ is anything to go by, it’s a pretty big departure. She’s gone deeper and lost the trademark speedy footwork kick. Still brilliant, though. AL

Max Graef & Glenn Astro – Magic Johnson [Ninja Tune]

When you see it written down, the combination of Max Graef and Glenn Astro makes total sense. They’ve both made pretty lush house music in the past, with Graef’s a tad jazzier. They’ve taken the jazz to another level with this, but kept the clubbiness you’d expect from them. AL

Raica – Makmba [Future Times]

This gorgeous track from Further’s Raica is part of a hefty batch of jams from Future Times (sitting alongside Irish duo Grapes & Isle O Man’s ‘Up The Dubs (It Can’t Rain Forever)’. Soft electronic fuzz meets gently played melodies, twisting and modulating, more kicks-less beauty. It feels short, but at just under five minutes that’s because I want to go on even longer. AH

Savile – Recipes from Nowhere [Northside ’82]

Junior resident at Chicago’s Smart Bar, Savile has been surrounded by a great crew these past few years, which will only have helped bolster his already considerable talent. Here he shares the first cut from his forthcoming release Suffer Play., which is due on the club’s Northside ’82 label. It’s clever and understated, with subtle melodies and patterns giving it a compelling edge. AH


Leif – Phonic Mix

A DJ whose mixes are at this point an insta-listen, Leif is one of the finest selectors out there at the moment. It’s deep and genuinely rhythmically and sonically very interesting and varied. With a new album just out too he’s going from strength to strength. AL

Jane Fitz B2B Brawther – KMAH Radio

An inspired pairing of Jane Fitz and Brawther brought about a very special radio show for KMAH earlier in the week. Unsurprisingly groovy but lots of nice little twists and turns throughout from two excellent DJs. AL

Jamaica Suk – Trusst EP [Face To Face Recordings]

Born in California, based in Berlin, Jamaica Suk deals in techno that’s as atmospheric as it is powerful. This release for Face To Face (also home to Lando) is as heavy as it is intriguing. The melodious snark of ‘Trusst’ is offset by the clanking percussion, while ‘Dazed’ is all jagged bass and ethereal bleeps. ‘Infragrant Behaviour’ is the real mind-bender, a swarm of foggy reverb and lost ideas. AH

B-Eden & Move D – Acid On (Live)

Move D’s SoundCloud page is a delight – it seems like not a day goes by without him unearthing some long-lost or recent gem. The only description given is “ambient live jam – long time ago” but it moves beyond ambient into weirdly danceable beats mode nonetheless. AH