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Rave New World (18/12)

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As the year draws to a close, Antoin Lindsay and Aidan Hanratty return for their latest look at the very best electronic gigs, tracks and mixes of the week.


The Emigrant Disco with Space Dimension Controller at Bar Tengu, Dublin
Saturday 19 December

Shock World Service and The Locals come together to welcome everyone home for Christmas. Space Dimension Controller is the big name, but everyone on the bill is a solid party-rocker. AH

Twitch Present: Steffi & Virginia at Mandela Hall, Belfast
Saturday 19 December

Now familiar faces at Twitch, Steffi and Virginia are both big fans of Irish crowds if their social media posts are anything to go by. Maybe it’s the energy the crowds bring, which there was certainly plenty of the last time they played at The Bunatee. They clearly feed off people having a good time and have a good time themselves, so it should translate really well in the bigger setting of the Mandela. AL

Pyg Sundays presents Lindstrøm at Pygmalion, Dublin
Sunday 20 December

Long-time hero Lindstrøm comes to town, rocking the party season alongside Decent Perks. His Where You Go I Go Too album remains a firm favourite, but he’s been knocking out quality releases for more than a decade (‘I Feel Space’ even got an airing at The Thin Air’s birthday party in May). Don’t miss this one. AH

Jika Jika! with Paul Woolford, Paranoid London and Krysko at The Bunker, Derry
Saturday 26 December

Still yet to go to The Bunker, but every video I’ve seen of it has looked crazy. I’ll be back in the Stroke City over the festive period so I may have to change that. Paul Woolford is always a safe bet for a good time, and Paranoid London have managed to rack up a lot of love for the live sets recently and the Derry heads will surely love it. AL

Beat BBQ Present: DJ Fett Burger and Florian Kupfer at The Hudson Bar, Belfast
Monday 28 December

Very happy to be back in Belfast for this wee gem of a night with two DJs who’ve managed to evade me to date. DJ Fett Burger will bring his smorgasbord (it’s Swedish, I know) of Norwegian vibes and weirdness and L.I.E.S. man Florian Kupfer will probably bring the doof. Whatever you choose, it’s free anyway. Good festive times all round. AL


Sling & Samo – Track 8

I don’t really know how I stumbled on this Sling & Samo track but it’s raw. Really raw. Proper frayed-at-the-edges techno banger vibes. Looks like there was a free download with it but it’s now gone. To the very lucky people out there with the mp3, I’d love one too. AL

Kelela – Rewind (MC Bin Laden Remix)

The track of the year remixed by MC Bin Laden who will almost surely be the sound for many years to come. It keeps all the usual baile funk chaos, but it also samples Kelela, so we’re all winners here. AL

D-Pulse – Acid Dance Of The Plum Fairy

It’s Christmas, so here’s some festive acid techno from 2005. AH


Niamh de Barra Last Bit At Tengu – Live 27th of November 2015

Niamh de Barra was part of a stellar lineup at Tengu last month, playing alongside Raster Noton’s Kyoka and a host of others. This is a segment from the end of her set, a thrilling half-hour of dank and robotic sounds. One to watch. AH


This mix by Powder for Perks and Mimi is a late contender for mix of the year status in my book. Earthy and sumptuous, it’s full of understated groovers. Utterly banging. AH