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16 For ’16: Margie Jean Lewis

Margie Jean Lewis by Aoife Herrity

In the latest installment of 16 For ’16 – our feature looking at sixteen Irish (or Ireland-based) artists we’re convinced will do great things in 2016 – Joe Madsen introduces Dublin-based, Australian born classically trained violinist and jazz vocalist Margie Jean Lewis.

Photo by Aoife Herrity

Riding a reputation as an infrequent but exhilarating performer, Margie Jean Lewis is set to drop her debut EP this year, marking a formal foray into the land of recorded artistry. The Australian-born musician – boasts a lovely voice with bewildering compositions to match – has developed quite the mystique in the Irish electronic circuit, eschewing big-name gigs and festivals in favour of more exclusive appearances that have left her fans agog and buzzing thereafter. An online browse through her scant material confirms her ethereal qualities, harnessing both an Enya-like voice and a strong command over modern alt tastes. With a crew of converts now in hand, now seems the young composer’s moment to cast a wider net of influence with a thoughtful collective of material and convert herself from a Soundcloud demo artist into a tangible musical act. Joe Madsen