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Rave New World (15/01)

shanti celeste the thin air rave new world

New year, new rave. Antoin Lindsay and Aidan Hanratty return for their latest look at the best electronic gigs, tracks, mixes and releases of the week.


Twitch Present: Shanti Celeste at The Bunatee, Belfast
Saturday 16 January

One of the best new names in house is making her first trip to Belfast. Shanti Celeste (pictured) has been making waves the last 18 months or so with her impeccable label BRSTL and releases on the likes of personal favourite of mine Future Times and Bristol record store label Idle Hands. Expect a wonderfully varied set from the Bristol resident. AL

Truss & Paula Temple at District 8
Saturday 16 January 2016

Heavy sounds ahead, as Truss and Paula Temple come to Dublin, the latter making her debut in our capital. Truss is no newcomer, and while Temple had a quiet year on the release front last year, she played nearly 70 gigs (at least going by her RA page), so you can expect that both sets will be honed to perfection. AH


Aaron Draino & D. Tiffany – Arctic Travel [Normals Welcome]

Lovely, fuzzy biznizz from Aaron Draino and D. Tiffany here. Not a track per se but the 12 is shaping up to be something very nice indeed. All four tracks sound like they’ve been produced in some kind of modular ice cavern, and it’s right down my street. Reality is it’s probably been produced in some bedroom in Vancouver, but that’s not nearly as cool. AL

miagma – benicia

The tag for this reads coastal, but it’s more harsh Atlantic than breezy Caribbean or Adriatic. It’s a sombre tread through dank waters, so be careful you’re wearing protective garb. AH


DJ Bone – Deep Space Radio Mix

The never-not-frantic DJ Bone is a rare DJ, in that you can tell from his mixing alone that it’s him. The uniqueness of his style is reflected in his soulful approach to rapid, exhilarating techno and electro. This radio mix is a tad more subdued than his club sets, but is still thrilling regardless. AL

Willow – NTS Manchester Radio Mix

Another radio show, this time on the brand new Manchester offshoot of NTS which is now broadcasting every Sunday. Willow is one of the most exciting things coming out the city right now, with a low key underground hit with “Feel Me” on Workshop last year. Like her sole production so far, this mix is sophisticated and deep. Get on it. AL

KETEV – Traces of Weakness [Where To Now? Records]

My favourite label of 2015 shows no signs of falling off, as Ketev makes his return on Where to Now? for Traces of Weakness, a cycle of “melancholy, destruction, urgency, fragility, and total calm”. Its nine-minute opener is a haunting slice of dark ambient, paving the way for movements that go deeper into searing emotion, and rumbling, tangible bass throb. It’s out now, and it’s a thrilling start to the year. AH

Ciarra Black – live @ ETHERIC 12.17.15

New York DJ and producer Ciarra Black goes super hard with this brash live set of heavy, industrial techno sounds. Just in case you thought we’d gone soft over Christmas. AH