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Rave New World (05/02)


With Antoin wirelessless, Aidan Hanratty returns for his latest look at the best electronic gigs, tracks, mixes and releases of the week.


Galcher Lustwerk & Dj Deece at Opium Rooms, Dublin
Friday 5 February

There’s a crazy amount of good gigs this weekend. First off, DJ Deece, long-standing Hidden Agenda resident, is behind a new series of gigs, and having opened with an all-nighter a few weeks back, this time he’s got the don Galcher Lustwerk (pictured) in town. If you’re not familiar with 100% Galcher already, well where have you been for the past three years? He’s closed that chapter, so it’s essential you see where his next moves take him.

Crilli Dnb Belfast presents Dom and Roland at The Black Box, Belfast
Friday 5 February

Dom and Roland is one dude, just in case you get confused. He’s been a major figure in the scene since the 90s, and he’s got a new album due on Metalheadz soon. Expect heavy things at this gig from Crilli Dnb.

Daniel Avery & Kassem Mosse [Live] at District 8, Dublin
Saturday 6 February

This is a strange booking, but we won’t complain. Kassem Mosse, famed for stellar releases on Workshop and Trilogy Tapes among others, brings his live show to District 8, in support of Daniel Avery, the heir either to Erol Alkan or Andrew Weatherall, depending on your outlook.

Jika Jika! w/ Robert Hood & Kyle Hall at The Bunker, Derry
Saturday 6 February

Kyle Hall’s just dropped a new album that’s received near-unanimous praise, a vibrant, jazzy affair that confirms his status as a great creative mind of our time. Robert Hood, an elder statesman you might say (though in some circles that just means old – he’s as busy and energetic as ever), joins him in bringing a few hours of Detroit to Derry this weekend.


LCC – Hoth [Modern Obscure Music]

When we think of electronic music it’s largely a description of the origins of its production, but sometimes that term gets to the very sound of it. That’s definitely the case with ‘Hoth’ from Spanish duo LCC. This heavy techno number opens with the fizzing sounds of mechanical production, factory hisses and the cold clank of metallic surfaces. It’s forthcoming on a compilation called Ritual Rhythms from Modern Obscure Music, which will also feature a beautiful track we highlighted from Ivy Barkakati some time back.

Mary Lattimore – Jimmy V [Ghostly]

London’s Kit Records released a gorgeous tape by Mary Lattimore last year. She’s not about to release a 12″ for Ghostly, a deservedly huge step up in visibility. This is a gently lulling piece of work, her delectable harp flowing in reverse, a beautiful taste of what’s to follow.

Natasha Kmeto – Peak (Ikonika Remix) [Dropping Gems]

Ikonika turns in a stately and refined remix of Natasha Kmeto’s ‘Peak’, part of a remix package that follows her recent album Inevitable. The slightly maximal pop is stripped down to an understated trap jam, Ikonika’s standard club approach hinted at through the solid bass, but generally giving way to empty space over which Kmeto’s vocals can breathe.

Two Thousand – Algebra Chords [Bad Panda Records]

Two Thousand, the creator of this gem for Bad Panda, describes it as “6 minutes of out-of-tune chords”. It feels like swirling emotive techno banger that never takes off, all tension, no release. Beautifully infuriating. Check out this microsite for a real trip.

Mixes and releases

Mosca NTS Show: 3rd February 2016 (STL Special)

Mosca devoted his most recent show to the sound of STL, specifically his Homework album, which consisted of 30-odd loops and a few tracks proper. Mosca’s turned that into a two-hour mix for your pleasure and education. STL is a hero.

Knee Deep w/ Mattis – Different Fountains Guest Mix on NTSLIVE.CO.UK

Another NTS mix this. Different Fountains are about to release an incredible record, the delightfully named Adam and Neve. The A-side is a chilling, rumbling epic, some 13 minutes of dank techno sounds. This guest mix for Honest John’s man Mattis is similarly wild, moving between misty outhouses and hearty laments. ‘Adam’ features too, wonderfully.

Borusiade – Jeopardy [Cómeme]

Cómeme bring us this superb release from Borusiade, who recently turned in a fantastic mix for Juno Plus. It’s dark and thrilling, EBM vibes and electro pulses combining for an unshakeable series of grooves. It’s hard to pick a highlight, as every track is utterly fascinating in its own right, but ‘Dancers Doom’ is really something else, its Moroder bass line and rising arpeggios clashing in appropriately apocalyptic fashion.

Neuroshima – Rave Archive EP [All Caps]

All Caps have a painfully slow release schedule, but the quality is as high as the wait between releases is frustrating. The latest is from Neuroshima, a shadowy figure who’s been lurking on mixes by the likes of Kowton and Ben UFO for about 18 months. This six-track release is somewhere between rave archives of Lee Gamble and Special Request – both less abstract and less focused, somehow. Classic breaks sequenced expertly, surrounded by unnerving soundscapes and overwhelming bass. It’s a rush, and it’s sure to sell out quickly.