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Inbound: Feather

Feather by Moira Reilly

Emma Garnett AKA Feather has morphed again. While many may know her from the punchy, artistic collaborations with Ben Bix this itineration is something of a departure. Now fully backed by an eight-piece band, she and the group are emerging as a blooded, blended new horizon in Irish music so it’s no surprise that they’re signed up with emerging world conscious independent label Hipdrop Records whose slant towards global sounds, funk, soul and jazz distinguish them from the pack.

Take their new single ‘Like No Other’ which works its way through three distinct movements without sounding piecemeal. The comparisons to Erykah Baduh are unavoidable, with all the sleek boho modernity that implies, but there’s also the smooth lines of the revolutions in Neo soul and RnB. It’s all about texture and it seems anything goes as long as it complements the final product, so there’s a dreamy folk middle followed up by a contemporary Afro beat heritage finisher.

It’s an immediate showcase of talent for the collective force of the group which includes members of Come on Live Long, Tig Linn and the incendiary Mix Tapes from the Underground amongst others. But it’s also a showcase of Garnett’s multiculturalism. Hailing originally from Sierra Leone – and sister of Loah –  her music benefits from a dual vantage point and it shows. This is a sound with roots. With the single hopefully a prelude to a lengthier offering this is definitely a group to watch. Eoghain Meakin

Photo by Moira Reilly