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Stream: President Obama’s Summer Playlist


“Been waiting to drop this: summer playlist, the encore. What’s everybody listening to?”

Featuring everyone Janelle Monáe, Charles Mingus and Courtney Barnett to Nina Simone, Beach Boys and D’Angelo, Barack Obama has reminded us once more that he is unequivocally the coolest POTUS ever by sharing his 2016 summer playlist.

Presumably the last of his several playlists compiled and release during his presidency, Obama first shared what was on his iPod whilst running for office back in 2008, revealing big-hitters John Coltrane, Bob Dylan and the Stones amongst his favourites.

His parting Summer playlist of ’16 is a more diverse and intriguing affair, split into two divisions: daytime and nighttime. With the former starting on Wale’s ‘LoveHate Thing’ featuring Sam Dew and ending on the busy Big Band riffing of Mingus’ ‘II B.S.’, the nighttime playlist is more of a come-hither affair, kicking off via ‘If I Have My Way’ by Chrisette Michele and closing on ‘Say Yes’ by English R&B duo Floetry.

No matter one’s verdict on his time as President, Obama most definitely has an ear for the tunes. Still not convinced? You can stream both playlists in full via Spotify now below.



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